A powerful cyclone will hit the Ukraine: weather “poison” weekend

Мощный циклон обрушится на Украину: погода «отравит» выходные

Once again, the weather tests our patience. Or this summer really wants us to remember him in such a sudden and varied… What can we expect in weather terms, from the first August weekend? Read the weather forecast for Saturday, August 3

As predicted by the meteorologist, the country would again be divided – a part of the Ukrainians will rejoice on a clear day, and some summer rain.

Western Ukraine is the case. Forecasters predict the rains in Uzhgorod, Lviv, Chernivtsi, Ternopil and Khmelnytsky. But the inhabitants of Lutsk and Rivne on the umbrella until you can forget. The night the air temperature will be +11…13° C, day only +21…+23.

Storm clouds will bypass the North of Ukraine. Here will be clear. At night, the thermometers only +10…+12, the day temperature +20…+22°.

A partly cloudy day is forecasted in the East. Night temperature +11…+13 C°, day +22…+24°.

In the Centre – mainly precipitation. Here at night will be +11…+13, and in the afternoon to +22…+24.

Rain will come to stay to the South. Night in the region on thermometers to +16…+18, and the day is much warmer, up to +26…+28°.

Precipitation is also planned and in the Crimea. Night on the Peninsula +17…+19, day +26…+28°.

In Kiev promise cloudy weather. A night in the capital the air temperature will be +12…+14° C, and at +20…+22.

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Мощный циклон обрушится на Украину: погода «отравит» выходные

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