A powerful cyclone will fall upon coast: “there is a mass evacuation”

Мощный циклон обрушится на побережье: «идет массовая эвакуация»

The authorities decided not to risk and to evacuate from the region, which is approaching cyclone, a million residents

Powerful cyclone “Fanny” moves on the West coast of India. The state ODIs he will hit on Friday, 3 may.

The state government has started a mass evacuation. People are placed in special refugee camps. Fear is what. Meteorologists warn that this will be the most powerful cyclone in the state since 2014.

Мощный циклон обрушится на побережье: «идет массовая эвакуация»

Coastal areas will fall, a hurricane, heavy rains and a flood.

Something similar has happened in Odisha earlier. Then, weather conditions have killed ten thousand people. Therefore, in order not to risk human lives, the authorities and evacuate all residents in dangerous areas.

As previously reported, Kenneth a cyclone that hit Mozambique, has led to the deaths of 38 people. Reported by the BBC.

“The cyclone has hit Northern Mozambique with strong winds up to 220 kilometres per hour late on Thursday evening, emptying villages and damaging thousands of houses,” — stated in the message.

Humanitarian workers trying to get to the areas that suffered the most severe blow of nature.

The situation has already drew attention to the UN. The Secretary-General antónio Guterres urged to give all possible assistance to overcome the consequences of the cyclone, which suffered the hardest Mozambique.

A message he published in Twitter. “I am very upset with the news about the victims and destruction caused by cyclone “Kenneth” in South Africa. The UN has allocated funds for humanitarian response — but I urge the international community to allocate additional resources, which are now very much needed,” said Guterres.

Мощный циклон обрушится на побережье: «идет массовая эвакуация»

As noted by the representative of the Secretary General Stefan Dujarric, the result of a tropical cyclone affected the people of Mozambique, and the Comoros.

Additionally, the elements had done in Afghanistan destroyed many houses. Unfortunately, people died. Seven provinces were at the mercy of the floods.

Flooding occurred in the West of the country. Killed 32 people, 12 residents were missing. The flood occurred due to heavy incessant rains. The rapid flow of water destroyed more than 700 buildings, destroyed crops on thousands of acres, destruction of roads and bridges. To remote settlements rescuers simply cannot get to. Authorities report that most affected the poor.

Recall that Ukraine is waiting for a global flood: the residents of which regions is to be feared.

As reported Politeka, powerful elements wash away the city from the face of the Earth, footage of the accident: 63 dead.

Also Politeka wrote that Ukraine is threatened by flooding: dozens of cities could disappear from the face of the earth.