A powerful bomb exploded in the capital, there are victims: the first details of the tragedy

Мощный взрыв прогремел в столице, есть жертвы: первые подробности трагедии

A car stuffed to the eyeballs with explosives crashed into a government building

Terrorist act with casualties occurred in the capital

So, car Packed with explosives was vrezalas in the building of the local government of the capital of Somalia, Mogadishu. The terrorists specifically podgadat when this place will be crowded. There just people received humanitarian assistance, according to Xinhua news Agency.

Мощный взрыв прогремел в столице, есть жертвы: первые подробности трагедии

In the explosion, five people were killed, nine victims were hospitalized.

Responsibility for the attack was claimed by the radical Islamist group “Al-Shabab” (“Movement of young Mujahideen”), which collaborates closely with the international terrorist organization “al-Qaeda”.

Members of the “Al-Shabab” at war with Somalia’s Central government. They also do everything possible to prevent United Nations employees, who are in the country on a humanitarian mission and spreading among the population with food aid.

As previously reported, in Kiev there was an explosion and then burned private house. The incident occurred on Monday, may 13, at night.

As told by the master of the house, he and his wife woke up from the sound, like an explosion. Sharp clap sounded from the neighboring house. And then the fire started.

At this time the house except for the couple were their children. Fortunately, all had time to leave the building, so no one was hurt. Fire engulfed the roof. In place of the left rescuers, who had to break the tile to extinguish the fire.

Thick smoke clouded everything in the area. As of 04:00 the fire was liquidated.

At the scene worked outfit patrol police, two units of fire and rescue services, as well as on duty ambulance. The exact cause of the fire are installed.

Мощный взрыв прогремел в столице, есть жертвы: первые подробности трагедии

Previously, the fire took the life of five girls. The child died in a fire in a private house in the town of Irpin, Kyiv region, erupted may 6. The message about the fire in a private dwelling house on Lake district lane fire received at 18:24. At the crash site they found that the fire began to spread from the living room on the attic floor of the building. By 19:02 the fire was completely eliminated. In extinguishing participated 16 persons of staff and 3 vehicles.

Before the arrival of the rescuers, an elderly man living in the house alone took from the fire a girl with special needs 2014 a year of birth. Rescuers tried to resuscitate the victim until the arrival of the ambulance. But neither they nor the doctors to save the child’s life failed.

Recall that in the capital a powerful explosion, fire everywhere and mutilated bodies: scary footage from the scene of the tragedy.

As reported Politeka, during the attack on the government building in the capital killed the guards.

Politeka also wrote that the attack occurred on the stadium, many dead: the explosion occurred at a football match.