A poignant video which set a new world record for taking the highest note

Sorry, the Commission of the Guinness Book of records was not present when the Intern dropped it on his foot cast-iron battery.

Пронизливе відео де встановлено новий світовий рекорд за взяття найвищої ноти

Lately from the world of Guinness records was not heard news. And it is clear. All more or less distinct records are already set and rearranged. There were only those, which needs extraordinary imagination, something in the spirit of the high-speed shuffling of chestnuts with fingers at a depth of five meters. In short, neither neighbors nor to boast of, and the summary did not specify. And finally, normal fit record, informs Rus.Media.

On the YouTube channel of Guinness world records has a new video. Someone Wang Xiaolong of Hainan has set a new world record of taking the higher notes, which is only capable of the voice of a man. To be precise it is note e-eighth of the octave, frequency Hz 5423. Wang Xiaolong broke the 2008 record set by Australian Adam Lopez, who managed to play the audio on completeness below.

Immediately warn that it is not recommend you to watch this video those who have a headache, and those who do not want him to have a headache. And don’t give it to my dog.

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