A pleasant surprise is waiting for the Ukrainians on the border with Poland: “only three days”

Приятный сюрприз ждет украинцев на границе с Польшей: «всего три дня»

On the Ukrainian-Polish border will be an additional crossing for pedestrians and cyclists

However, it will last very long.

On opening a new checkpoint on the border of our countries and Poland are reported in the Transcarpathian regional state administration. They explained that the checkpoint will begin its work in August, writes UNIAN.

Приятный сюрприз ждет украинцев на границе с Польшей: «всего три дня»

And work additional transmission will only three days – from 8 to 10 August from 10:00 to 19:00.

Pedestrian crossing point “Lubnya – Hairy” will be opened in connection with the celebration the day of neighborliness Ukraine and Poland.

“We invite residents and visitors of Transcarpathia to take the opportunity to visit Poland through the crosswalk… border Crossing — biometric passport or Schengen visa”, – reported in a press-regional state administration service.

As we wrote earlier, the Ukrainian-Polish border there was an unusual emergency. Volyn border guards Department “Parkhomenkove” of Lviv detachment was prevented by the illegal migrant to illegally enter Poland, according to the Western regional administration of state frontier service.

A man of African appearance were detained on the banks of the river Western bug. He told militiamen that is a Sudanese citizen and was planning to swim to illegally cross the border to get into the EU.

The foreigner was taken to the units of the border to establish his identity and the legality of stay on the territory of Ukraine. His fate will be decided by the court.

Earlier we wrote that in the night from 12 to 13 July in the apartment of Ukrainian workers who are engaged in the construction of the subway in Warsaw, threw “Molotov cocktail”, and the entrance was painted abusive slogans calling to leave Poland. About this Facebook said monitoring Centre on racism and xenophobia.

Приятный сюрприз ждет украинцев на границе с Польшей: «всего три дня»

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Human rights activists helped the Ukrainians to go to the police and issued a letter to the victims: “the Poles are building abroad, and we are together with Turks for you to build the metro station on the Gorczewska street. We came here for “bread” and don’t want to get it for free. We work hard to a depth of 25 meters underground, to make money. We do Poland is richer than not only their labor but also pay taxes, of which the Polish government, in particular, funding the hospitals, schools and pensions”.

The letter also States: “Our wives and sisters often work as cleaners and caregivers for children thanks to the many of You have the opportunity to go to work in a paid position and improve their life. Therefore, we do not understand why we hurt, the walls are outlined with paint, and our doors spat”.

The identity of the victims of Ukrainians is not yet known, but his letter they signed as “Andrew, Bogdan and Vitaly”.

We will remind, powerful explosion has destroyed a high-rise building in Poland, a lot of victims: details and footage of the tragedy.

As reported Politeka, the Ukrainian zarobitchane stopped the infernal element and became heroes in Poland: the video spread through the network.

Politeka also wrote that the driver was specifically knocked down the Ukrainian in Poland, the brutality is striking