A platoon of the toughest

The platoon of the International Crossing of Lake St. John of 32 km will be one of the toughest of the last twenty years.
The Director General of the International Crossing of Lake St. John, Jeremiah Bonneau, president of the board, Ginette Fortin, and the mayor of Roberval, Guy Larouche, unveiled the outline of the 62nd edition of the event.

“We have a quality swimmers in the lake rather exceptional. Seems there ten participants could all win first place, “says Ginette Fortin, Chair of Directors of the organization.

“We received 36 nominations. This is exceptional. It took subtract 11. It was not easy because we have eliminated that have already made the crossing many times, “says Jeremiah Bonneau, new CEO of the Crossing.

Five Quebecers will be in the starting line at the municipal dock Péribonka, July 30. Champion of the 2015, Xavier Desharnais will be back to defend his title. Philippe Guertin (2nd in 2015), Gabriel Pouliot and Xavier Theroux also represent Canada. In women, the Sabryna from Alma Lavoie will be making his fourth presence at 32 km. The young woman of 23 trains with the Swimming Club Rouge et Or of Laval University since September 2013.

In total, 15 men and 10 women representing eleven different countries will form the contingent of athletes of the 62nd International Swim Lake St. John. It will also be the first stage of the FINA Grand Prix in 2016.

The arrival in Roberval is scheduled around 14h. The scholarships related to this event totaled $ 40,000.

10 km FINA

Fourth stop of the World Cup Marathon 2016, the 10km FINA will take place in the port of Roberval, Thursday, July 28, at 11 for men and at 14.15 for women. To date, 34 swimmers (20 men and 14 women) from 13 countries have confirmed their participation. Fourteen athletes from Canada are part of the group.

As for the 24th Marathon succession, it will be held Friday, July 29. Young swimmers 14 to 26 from across Quebec will take part. As usual, the start of the 10 km race will be at 13:30 from the beach Robertson Mashteuiatsh, for a scheduled arrival around 15:30 at the municipal dock of Roberval. The official selection of 25 participants will be completed shortly. The man and woman winners of the competition category will be invited to participate in the great departure of 32 km marathon.

Competitions 1, 2 and 5 km will take place Saturday, July 23 from 11 am to 15:30. A 5 km relay is added to the program. Over a hundred swimmers from across Quebec are expected within the framework of these competitions for masters and age groups.

For recreational swimmers Splash Challenge will offer participatory challenges of 25 m, 50 m and 100 m individual swims and 1 km relay. This activity will take place at the municipal beach of Roberval, Tuesday, July 26.

A beautiful business card for Roberval

The capital of the world open water swimming will come alive, in the week of July 23 to 31. Certainly, the festivities of the International Crossing of Lake Saint-Jean Roberval put “on the map” worldwide.

Besides the competitions of international caliber, the Supper in the streets Wednesday night is an unmissable event which, remember, is often imitated but never equaled. More than 10,000 guests gathered around a table than a kilometer is a unique phenomenon in itself.

“The Crossing is the Roberval card. This event is promote our municipality all over the world, “said Mayor Guy Larouche. “More than a dozen countries will talk about Roberval and by extension, Canada. Crossing enables the whole region to have high visibility and economic benefits are significant. Everywhere I go, people talk to me. ”

Several traditional activities are in addition to the largest swimming in open water festival menu. soccer tournament and Running attract their share of participants. Reading lovers will be pampered with the great bazaar of used books.

Artistically, the Multi-Art Symposium, Lions Art Gallery, Silent Auction and exhibitions are among the things not to be missed.

Lunches of “Placoteux” that exist for many moons will return to the celebrations.

Entertainment, animation and dance activities taking place in the city center. Among the big names of the Crossing, the human jukebox Gregory Charles Philippe Brach, the Soeurs Boulay, Dumas and Trois Accords will be among the artists of the 2016 edition.

The challenge of Merit featuring swimmers and people “deserving” of the region close the festivities on Sunday, July 31 in the afternoon.

Quebec City Mayor Régis Lebaume, the chair of honor at the 62nd edition of the Crossing.

Presale of passports continues until June 30, to $ 15.

List of swimmers
Angela Moor, Germany

Simon Pistor, Germany

Damian Blaum, Argentina

Rita Vanesa Garcia, Argentina

Pilar Geijo, Argentina

Victoria Mori, Argentina

Matheus Evangelista, Brazil

Dina Levacic, Croati

Esther Nunez Morera, Spain

Alexander Meyer, USA

Edouard Lehoux, France

Bertrand Venturi, France

Elena Lionello, Italy

Gabriele Maria Mento, Italy

Edoardo Stochino, Italy

Aleksandar Ilievski, Macedonia

Evgenij Pop Acev, Macedonia

Tomi Stefanovski, Macedonia

Olga Kozydub, Russia

Anna Mankevich, Russia

Xavier Desharnais, Canada

Philippe Guertin, Canada

Sabryna Lavoie, Canada

Gabriel Pouliot, Canada

Xavier Theroux, Canada

25 athletes, 15 men, 10 women, 11 countries

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