A plane full of people crashed while landing: the first details and photos of emergency

Самолет с людьми разбился при посадке: первые подробности и фото ЧП

The plane fell suddenly on the roof, in result there are victims

Lithuania Pochynayko the airport crashed the plane. It is known that the incident occurred around 13:00, October 20.

At this time on Board the aircraft were two pilots, which as a result was hospitalized, writes Delfi.

It is known that the aircraft rolled over after landing, and then the cockpit glass broke. The reasons of incident are established.

Самолет с людьми разбился при посадке: первые подробности и фото ЧП

Recall that among the crew members, crashed in Congo was Ukrainian Odessa Sergey Gorokhov. The man worked on the ship as a flight engineer. The victim was only three days before the end of the contract in Africa.

Earlier we wrote that in Israel on the beach of Zikim, near Ashkelon, suddenly lightning struck. As a result, injured three people, one of them was in critical condition. The latter even had to “start” the heart.

It is worth to stress that Israeli beaches are crowded, in connection with heat. However, at this time, rains and thunderstorms, which is very dangerous.

Самолет с людьми разбился при посадке: первые подробности и фото ЧП

“Putin uses it” is revealing a new threat to Ukraine, the trouble came from not waiting

Recall also that the area of the city fell Charter plane. The tragedy occurred on October 4. It is known that the pilot requested the landing, but after a time, suddenly disappeared from radar. At the time of the disaster on Board were seven people.

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According to rescuers, the plane belongs to the airline “Ukraine Agroalians” which made a flight to Lviv from Vigo. After the disappearance from radar, the aircraft made a hard emergency landing in the village of Sokolniki.

Самолет с людьми разбился при посадке: первые подробности и фото ЧП

Earlier it was reported that on 18 October on Board the Russian plane, which was flying from Thailand to Moscow, there was a deadly incident. It is noted that the crew of the aircraft of the Russian company “Aeroflot”, flying from Phuket to the capital of Russia, Kazan airport has requested an emergency landing. It turned out that the Board began to wheeze and gasp year-old child.

When the plane landed on Board immediately raised a brigade “first aid”, but to save the child failed.

Recall also that the authorities of the town of Catania, which is closest to the epicenter of the volcano closed airspace over the city.

Recall, scientists were stunned by the discovery in the milky Way: “an intergalactic catastrophe.”

As reported Politeka, scientists have recorded a mysterious phenomenon in the Solar system.

Also Politeka wrote that a huge asteroid hurtling towards earth: NASA’s talking about the clash.