A piece of Nibiru crashed to the Ground, broke through the night sky: scientists are sounding the alarm

Кусок Нибиру рухнул на Землю, прорвал ночное небо: ученые бьют тревогу

20 may the night sky over Australia has broken a giant hypersonic meteorite

His speed was 11.5 kilometers per second, according to NASA.

The meteorite entered the atmosphere and partially collapsed before the collision with the ground, said the center for the study of near-earth objects.

Ufologists claim that this phenomenon is directly linked to the approaching planet Nibiru. Oil was added to the fire that this case is not uncommon.

“Without a doubt, planet X is gradually destroyed, and its pieces fall randomly in different directions” — say the ufologists.

Кусок Нибиру рухнул на Землю, прорвал ночное небо: ученые бьют тревогу

Кусок Нибиру рухнул на Землю, прорвал ночное небо: ученые бьют тревогу

But there is another version.

They say that in fact in Australia landed specialized alien saboteurs. Under the guise of a meteorite down to the Ground the capsule with the alien invaders.

This version became realistic after in 2013 fell in the Chelyabinsk meteorite. The footage of the fall when you can commit, as it separates from an object, which later goes into a flight.

However, experts are puzzled, because the NASA experts did not warn of the impending object, although this is one of their main functions is to track the meteors and the asteroids.

Ufologists have claimed that the meteorite could surprise the scientists because of the fact that his appearance is not caused by any natural cosmic processes.

Actually, Nibiru is one of the hypotheses of conspiracy theorists end of the world. They claim that Nibiru is allegedly described in the Sumerian texts, and that’s the missing planet in our Solar system. Astrophysicists deny the possibility of the existence of a planet with such mass and orbit. A few times a year is not fulfilled prophecy of the conspiracy theorists about the end of the world.

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