A passenger plane made an emergency landing, a lot of victims: the details of the emergency

Пассажирский самолет совершил экстренную посадку, много пострадавших: подробности ЧП

The plane of airline Air Canada made an emergency landing in Hawaii

As a result of the incident injured 35 people.

The incident happened on Thursday, July 11. Canadian aircraft with passengers made the flight from Vancouver (Canada) in Sydney (Australia). Suddenly, the Hawaiian Islands, the aircraft hit turbulence, according to CBC.

Пассажирский самолет совершил экстренную посадку, много пострадавших: подробности ЧП

The pilot decided to emergency land at the airport of Honolulu.

The turbulence occurred at the height of 10 973 meters, about 966 kilometers southwest of Honolulu, said the official representative of the Federal aviation administration of the USA Ian Gregor.

Onboard the liner there were 284 people. 35 passengers were injured as a result of the incident. After landing, the victims were examined by physicians. It is noted that all received minor injuries, hospitalization nobody needed.

As previously reported, the plane suddenly crashed due to a fault. On Board the aircraft were two pilots, who emergency ejected.

In Thailand Thursday, July 11, the plane crashed. Training jet aircraft Aero L-39 had a training flight. On Board were an instructor and a pilot.

During the flight there was a failure of where to land the plane was not possible, said the representative of the air force of Thailand.

The pilots decided to eject. Unfortunately, not without casualties. The instructor died, and the surviving pilot suffered only minor injuries.

We also wrote that an emergency landing at the airport of the Russian city of Kaluga, the plane made that summer from Montenegro to Moscow. The reason – one of the pilots suddenly became bad. The first pilot lost consciousness and could have ended very bad for all if not for the 19-year-old passenger.

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When the pilot fell, the stewards began to ask whether the on Board medic. But this was not. However, did not panic one of the passengers who jumped the pilot and gave him first aid. It is noted that the first aid kit of the aircraft was not even the most essential drugs.

When the plane landed in Kaluga, still very nervous. “At first it was scary. We are slightly wagged its tail. I felt a panic attack, but nothing”, — shared one of the passengers of the ill-fated flight.

Пассажирский самолет совершил экстренную посадку, много пострадавших: подробности ЧП

However, the second pilot managed to cope, and he safely landed the aircraft. 77 passengers and crew members were not injured. The first pilot was immediately hospitalized, and the people were loaded on buses and taken to Moscow.

We add that the incident happened on the passenger liner Montenegro Airlines, which was flying from Montenegro to Russia flight Tivat-Moscow.

Recall, the engine of the plane broke during the flight: fear through the eyes of the passenger.

As reported Politeka, crashed aircraft with the Ukrainians: there are the first pictures from the crash site.

Also Politeka wrote that the aircraft with the passengers erupted in the sky: all because the phone is charging