A passenger bus with the Russians burned down details and footage of the incident

Пассажирский автобус с россиянами сгорел дотла: подробности и кадры ЧП

On the bus when it caught fire on the move were 19 passengers and two drivers

The incident happened on Tuesday evening , August 14.

In Russia’s Krasnodar region near Gelendzhik completely burned a passenger bus. The bus was carrying two drivers and 19 passengers. No one was hurt, all the people evacuated in time, Russian media reported.

Пассажирский автобус с россиянами сгорел дотла: подробности и кадры ЧП

However, personal belongings of the passengers burned to the ground.

Fire squads arrived to the place of state of emergency quickly, however, their appearance is the whole bus was engulfed in flames. With the elimination of fire was blocked by the route M4 “don”.

It is noted that the vehicle caught fire on the go. The reason of ignition is established.

As previously reported, on 14 August in the Russian city of St. Petersburg on Vasilievsky island business center “Leningrad” the roof caught fire. The fire instantly spread over an area of 200 square meters.

Was made to evacuate, which left the building almost 600 people.

Thick black smoke visible from afar. Fire awarded the third rank of complexity. With fire fight for about 40 firemen and 11 units of equipment.

Business center partially collapsed roof. Data about victims did not arrive yet.

We also wrote that on August 13 on Borshchagovka in Kiev there was a fire in shopping center “Square” on the street gnat Yura, 20. It is known that lit up the basement. Smoke quickly spread throughout the building and led to panic among the employees of the Mall, and among visitors.

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As a result of incident nobody has suffered. Initially there was information that was on fire supermarket “Silpo” or “Puzata Hata”, but later it became known that the visitors just saw smoke in the building, which spread from the basement.

Пассажирский автобус с россиянами сгорел дотла: подробности и кадры ЧП

There were police, rescuers and physicians. What harm would come of the SEC, will be known later. The details and cause of the incident are being investigated.

We also wrote that in Kiev there was a fire in the market located at ulitsa Stroiteley, 40. On the market stalls caught fire around 9:30.

When firefighters arrived at the scene of the incident, it was found that the burning roof over the four pavilions of the covered market. Initially, the fire area has made 70 square meters, but later it was 250 square meters.

On the spot worked 11 units of basic and special firefighting and rescue equipment and 48 employees of gschs. The cause of the fire will establish a consequence.

Recall that a terrible accident claimed the lives of people in the Odessa region.

As he wrote Politeka, a Russian ship caught fire in the Black sea.

Politeka also reported that in the popular resort of burning wood.