A nutritionist told me how not to starve yourself at work: best options for a snack

Диетолог рассказала, как не морить себя голодом на работе: лучшие варианты для перекуса

The nutritionist called the best foods for wholesome snacks throughout the working day

Snacking sweets and cookies is extremely harmful, and to starve yourself – even worse. This was told by the dietician Lyudmila Babich.

According to her, nourishing and leisurely Breakfast is not at all enough time because people are content with sandwiches and coffee, in the best case – oatmeal. It is not surprising that by lunchtime, we already feel hungry and breaking for lunch – absorbed everything.

Диетолог рассказала, как не морить себя голодом на работе: лучшие варианты для перекуса =

“To starve yourself is not worth it especially when the body does not receive nourishment in the form of dietary nutrients, slows the metabolism. Because instead of counting the time until lunch is better to eat fruits or vegetable salad, also suitable for savoury biscuits – crackers or oatmeal.

Such a meal will not affect the figure, but health is an obvious benefit. Even the sandwiches are not prohibited, no matter how carefully you have not followed the figure, just to be done not with a roll, butter, and sausage, and for example, grain or cereal bread, low-fat cheese, lettuce and cucumbers – is not only useful but also very tasty,” said the expert.

You can even build a sandwich out of lettuce and in the middle put the cheese, sliced roasted chicken breast and tomatoes or cucumbers, sliced, and the greens will give this “dish” of new flavors.

“For snacking also good protein foods, such as low-fat cottage cheese or yogurt, egg with vegetables. Thanks to such meals you will not only replenish energy, save the figure, but go for lunch not on an empty stomach. Therefore, and the temptation to eat everything will not be”, — says dietician.

Диетолог рассказала, как не морить себя голодом на работе: лучшие варианты для перекуса

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