A nutritionist has shared the secret to fast weight loss: “fat products”

Диетолог поделилась секретом быстрого похудения: "Нужны жирные продукты"

The nutritionist explained what foods will help rapid weight loss

In anticipation of new year holidays, many have already started to think about how to quickly and efficiently put in order the figure, but in this case, experts strongly oppose the severe restrictions. This was reported by the dietician Lyudmila Babich.

Without restrictions and diets to get rid of pair-three superfluous kgs it is possible if to include in the diet of more plant foods and to revise the schedule of food – eat small portions 5-7 times a day, a good night’s sleep.

Диетолог поделилась секретом быстрого похудения: "Нужны жирные продукты"

You should also exclude sugary creamy desserts, cakes, pastries, smoked meats, salinity and to enter into the diet as many products that activate metabolic processes in the body and help to burn fat.

“First of all, during the day you should drink plenty of pure non-carbonated water, because it speeds up metabolism and helps rid the body of harmful toxins. In addition to water recommended also green tea and herbal infusions, but without the sugar.

Be sure to include in your diet apples and green cabbage. And avocado, which although is quite high in calories and even fat product, but due to this, oddly enough, contributes to the breakdown of subcutaneous fat. In the fetus, among other things, contains a variety of vitamins and trace elements, as well as a special substance that inhibits the formation of fatty tissue in the body,” — said the doctor.

If the excess weight is accompanied by cellulite, it is recommended to include in the diet of Brazil nuts. Due to the substances contained in the nuclei aktiviziruyutsya hormones, which are responsible for fat burning. But remember that nuts is not always possible to use for allergies, and their weight is not worth it — after all, this is a very high-calorie product.
Диетолог поделилась секретом быстрого похудения: "Нужны жирные продукты"
“Another unique product – fatty and nutritious, but precisely because of this, and activating the process of getting rid of fat is salmon. This product is just necessary for those who wants to get rid of unattractive bulging tummy. Due to the great content of unsaturated fatty acids omega-3, use this product at least every other day improves insulin sensitivity – and he, among others, also responsible for fat accumulation in the abdomen,” said the doctor.

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