A nurse working for five years without license

chaque-annee-poignee-charlatans-tententA resident of Varennes worked as a nurse for five years in the Psychiatry Department of the Jean-Talon Hospital in Montreal, and has even been head nurse of the department, as she had no license to practice has told

Sylvie Rousseau, 46, has worked at the hospital Jean-Talon 1 April 2008 to 15 January 2013. She served as assistant head nurse position at the psychiatric unit of the health center and social services (CSSS) Heart Island (Jean-Talon hospital).

From January 31 to 16 July 2011 Sylvie Rousseau even temporarily occupied the position of head nurse of the unit.

A situation “unacceptable” for the leadership of integrated academic health center and social services (CIUSSS) North Island of Montreal, an umbrella today Jean-Talon Hospital. While Sylvie Rousseau held a nursing degree, according CIUSSS she had no license to practice. “It was a process of verification of the license to practice at the time. But it was obviously not perfect, “said the spokesman CIUSSS Hugo Larouche, adding that this process was reviewed.

Eight charges

In October 2013, Sylvie Rousseau has appeared in court to face eight counts of usurping the title of nurse. She pleaded guilty to eight counts.

In particular, it acknowledged having made a nurse followed in January 2012 to discuss the possible placement of a patient of the psychiatric unit.

Have patients been harmed by the fact that a nurse working without permits at the bedside? Mr. Larouche could not comment on the deeper issue.

He also explains that in April of each year, 3,000 nurses CIUSSS North Island of Montreal must now prove that they have their license to practice. “A check is made for each of them. If a person is unable to prove their status, she returned home immediately, without pay, “says Larouche.

The audits for the fiscal year just ended to CIUSSS North Island of Montreal. “Our 3000 nurses employed have their license to practice,” says Mr. Larouche.

The College of Nurses of Quebec (OIIQ) would not comment on the case of Sylvie Rousseau, and suggested to La Presse to a request for access to information.

The OIIQ however explains that it is the responsibility of institutions to ensure that nurses are indeed registered with the College.

A second case

At the beginning of April, La Presse reported the story of another woman who worked as a nurse at the Jean-Talon Hospital and the Lakeshore hospital as she had no license to practice .

Kim Larouche, 33, treated patients and were administered medication to emergencies. She was found guilty of 27 charges brought against her and was sentenced to pay 40 500 $.

Between November and December 2009, the pseudo-nurse worked twenty days in Jean-Talon Hospital and the Lakeshore General Hospital in Montreal, being recommended by a nurse placement agency.

Four new prosecution

Each year, a handful of charlatans trying to impersonate a nurse in Quebec. According to the latest annual report of the Order of Nurses of Quebec, four new criminal charges were authorized in 2014-2015 in terms of booked as theft and illegal exercise of the profession.


Sign essential to the order of Nurses of Quebec

Counsel to the College of Nurses of Quebec, Ms. Marie Paré explains that it is essential to be on the roll of the Order to practice the profession in Quebec. This listing comes with a series of obligations, notably to follow further education, to respect the confidentiality of records and follow ethical rules, says Mr. Paré. “In the case of an unregistered nurse, regardless of the offense, public protection mechanisms would not apply,” says Mr. Paré. Hence the requirement for all nurses in the province to be included in the roll of the Order.

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