A nuclear explosion of Putin exposed the true cause of the accident

Ядерный взрыв у Путина: разоблачена истинная причина катастрофы

Russia is developing a hypersonic weapon based on the technology that it stole from the USA

Commented on the blast in Russia at Archangel adviser to the U.S. President for homeland security John Bolton in an interview with “Voice of America”.

In particular, I’m sure Bolton, Russia is trying to achieve technological progress in their ability to create the means of delivery of nuclear weapons.

“Something went wrong, but it shows that although Russia’s economy is estimated to equal the economy of the Netherlands, she still spends enough on defense to not only upgrade its nuclear Arsenal, but also to create new types of delivery vehicles, hypersonic glide carriers, hypersonic missiles, largely from stolen American technology,” said Bolton.

Ядерный взрыв у Путина: разоблачена истинная причина катастрофы

He added that the likelihood that other countries will also receive these technologies is a challenge for the US and its allies.

We have previously reported that in the Arkhangelsk region in Russia was rocked by a nuclear explosion. It killed two local military.

Donald trump has already responded to this:

“We have a similar, though more advanced technology. The explosion of the Russian Skyfall (“Thunderbird” in NATO classification — ed.) has caused the concern of people about the condition of the air around the object far behind him. Not good!” — said trump.

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Ядерный взрыв у Путина: разоблачена истинная причина катастрофы

After the explosion of a nuclear bomb in the Arkhangelsk region the nuclear cloud spread across the European part of Russia and South-Eastern regions of Ukraine.

Head of the Informatics Department of the environment, Institute of mathematical machines and systems NAS of Ukraine Ivan Kovalets in social networks has published a map of how the radiation has spread a cloud of dangerous particles.

Recall that radiation blast Putin is cluttered with details, the victims were more.

As reported Politeka, nuclear explosion in Russia turned out to be true: Putin finally responded.

Also Politeka wrote that declassified Putin’s plan for a nuclear explosion, details and frames a “new Chernobyl”.