A new stage of reform Suprun will finish Ukrainians: “soon will come only when…”

Новый этап реформы Супрун добьет украинцев: "скорая приедет только при..."

After the reform, the acting Minister of health Uliana Suprun, an ambulance arrived only in case the person dies or he has a temperature of 48

Future MP from “public Servants” and blogger Alexander Dubinsky shared his opinion about the reform, which took place in medicine, and that remains to be done. He is sure that Ulyana Suprun does everything that people have switched to private medicine as the state will be ruined.

“This is a story about Suprun price of our lives. Because its reforms lead to the fact that the ambulance did not go to the patients, well, if there’s something happened. Just when you almost died. Well, or to selected temperature is 46 or 48, then it may be coming. But if you are older than 70-80 years, even to go will not, because why spend money if you can “A”, save for emergency, “B”, the pension Fund.”, — the blogger notes.

Новый этап реформы Супрун добьет украинцев: "скорая приедет только при..."

He also says that this is only the first stage of the reform, but there is still the second stage. The first part related to primary care, and the second secondary.

“Now it is just all work, money fall conventionally in the Department of medicine, for example, the Kiev regional administration. The Department already distributes medicine to hospitals. And there is a clear rate, which can Department to place after receipt of these funds. For example, to place dibs on utilities, and there they are overstated by 40%, with half of them back. For the equipment — 20% for repairs 12%. That’s the pattern,” says the publicist.

Новый этап реформы Супрун добьет украинцев: "скорая приедет только при..."

The blogger notes that now everybody wants to centralize and not pay for fattening in the area. Did the National health service where will go the money all. And with him already in the hospital.

“Well, only one centre of convergence of all income and the demand for the payment of all of the hospitals in the nazhivanie on patients. So this here is the centre of the national health service, it is also including getting so that sequential step in the destruction of medicine, which we shall address in a private clinic. Normal services for kickbacks and schemes to not work.”, — the blogger concludes.

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