A new scandal in the Goloseevsky district court of Kiev and indefinite action

Новый скандал в Голосеевском районном суде Киева и бессрочная акция

In the Shevchenko district court of Kyiv a criminal case No. 752/19045/17 on the fact of appropriation of funds “UkrSibbank” in the amount of over UAH 2 bn.

And according to the statements of activists who declared termless protest action under walls of the Goloseevsky district court of Kiev, this case could be almost the first in the history of Ukraine, when the people’s representatives from previous government could prosecute for fraudulent activity, according to the Angle.

However, since 2019 the opinion of Themis suddenly changed. So, judge Ekaterina plahotniuc with all possible violations of procedural deadlines decided not to elect the measure of restraint for suspects of a crime employees of the Corporation “AIS”, which is associated with the people’s Deputy Dmitry Svyatash, she also started to make decisions about cancellation of arrest of property that serves as material evidence in the case of fraudulent misappropriation of funds, write “Comments”.

In their communications in social networks, the activists do not exclude that the measure of restraint in the case of theft of 100 million dollars. never been elected as MP from the party “Renaissance” Dmitry Svyatash personally visited one of the trial in which the judge plahotniuc had to appoint a measure of restraint to Alexander Pugach.

Picketing the court, the activists believe that the law administered by judge Catherine plahotniuc in the criminal case, is not characteristic, and the analysis of the registry of judicial decisions has allowed to establish the presence of multiple outlets, claimed as victims, and the prosecution Catherine plahotniuc.

“Activists carried out their investigation and still have revealed the reason for this is an unwillingness Ekaterina Grigorievna to release the criminal case of his grasping hands — the family business. After all, the son of Catherine G. Dmitry is one of the owners of OOO “Anticredit” together with the lawyers that accompany the conflict on the part of the group of companies “AIS” — Natalia Osipchuk and Sergey Voichenko (JSC “Voichenko and Dul”). Activity “Anticredit”, it is not difficult to guess, aid sufferers to get rid of bad debts,” say activists.

It is reported that on April 24 judge Holosiivskyi district court of Kyiv Viktoriya Khomenko once again denied the recusal colleagues plahotniuc.

According to the statements of the activists, whose tents are a riot of inscriptions “No to nepotism in court” and “Stop lawlessness plahotniuc”, the judge has repeatedly been seen in cases with serious procedural violations, and the imposition of odious judicial decisions (for example, that the participation of the father in the upbringing of a child is psychological abuse of mother and child). So the activists are going to continue to picket the Goloseevsky district court is against plahotniuc will not be investigated and not taken all necessary measures for its removal.