A new house a year for vulnerable families

After Montreal, Sherbrooke and Deux-Montagnes, Habitat for Humanity is coming to Gatineau and intends, by 2020, build a house each year for low-income families and poor housing.
It was at the initiative of the councilor and candidate for mayor in 2017, Sylvie Goneau, that has been the Gatineau committee of this non-profit organization. It includes nine volunteers involved in their community, some of which are from the field of home construction.

“There are more than 15 000 households in Gatineau who have to spend more than 30% of their income on housing, notes Ms. Goneau. Habitat for Humanity will build a first home in 2017 and will offer a mortgage with no down payment to a weakened family Gatineau. Payments to be made by this family include municipal taxes and insurance for the home, but will never exceed 30% of its revenues. This is my dream come true. It’s a gift that I offer myself to say that finally we have this committee in the area. ”

Habitat for Humanity, an international organization, has appeared in Canada in 1985. The organization has since built 2,200 homes for Canadian families. In Quebec, the agency has so far helped 20 families to access a property. “We act as Autoconstructeur and mortgage lender says Maxime Hémond, director of the organization in Quebec. The family will be chosen to live in this house will quietly pay off his mortgage and the money will be reinvested in a fund to finance the construction of other houses in Quebec. ”

The organization now wants to get to Gatineau or developers land to build his first home in Gatineau. “It is often a gift or a price corresponding to what is usually reserved for social housing,” notes Hémond. The first fundraiser is Thursday Outaouais on a Cruise ship. The money raised will go directly to the construction of the house. The organization wants to raise $ 125,000 in donations by the beginning of the construction of the first house in the spring of 2017.

Families who wish to enjoy the offer of Habitat for Humanity must register on the agency’s website. A provincial committee will determine which family will eventually move in. “To qualify, the family must not have too high a debt ratio, it must be badly housed and must commit to 500 hours of volunteer work during the construction of the house next to the body,” noted Ms. Goneau.

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