A new grief in the family Alibasov, the producer from hiding, “Where’s my Chucha?”

Новое горе в семье Алибасова, от продюсера скрывают: «Где мой Чуча?»

The family got to the intensive care unit of Bari Alibasov have a new mount

Favorite cat Bari Alibasov named Chucha had escaped from his apartment during a press conference, pass the word PR-Director Vadim Garankina Russian media.

Relatives of the producer think that the cat got scared and ran away yesterday, June 11. They were sure that the pet took the assistant Alibasov, so wasn’t too worried due to the fact that the cat is nowhere in sight. However, as it turned out, the darling of the stars disappeared.

Новое горе в семье Алибасова, от продюсера скрывают: «Где мой Чуча?»

“Journalists had a lot. Only some TV channels arrived about 10. All the doors were opened, both in the apartment and in the stairwell. Most likely, the cat was frightened and ran out of the apartment,” – said the son of producer Bari Alibasov Jr.

Family celebrities urged those who will find or see a hairless cat of breed the Canadian Sphynx, to call the telephone number listed on the website of the group “on-On”. As a reward desperate relatives promise the band at the festival or 800 thousand rubles.

Recall that the doctors told that Bari Karimovich for the time that was in a state of medical coma once awake for a few minutes. According to doctors, the first question Alibasov was: “Where’s my Chucha? What’s with the cat?”, and then the producer went back to sleep.

Новое горе в семье Алибасова, от продюсера скрывают: «Где мой Чуча?»

There is also information about what Chucha inscribed in the will-star – in case of death of Bari Alibasov custody of the cat will go to his assistant Sergey Moraru.

Recall the famous Russian musician and producer Bari Alibasov came from the state of drug-induced sleep, his team from the group na-na showed the first video from the chamber.

Bari Alibasov Jr. said that his father, who received chemical burns by mistake with a cleaner pipe, yet remembers nothing. Alibasov-the senior did not recognize neither son nor wife Lydia Fedoseyev-Shukshin.

“Scary that he opened his eyes, but realizes that he Bari Alibasov. Not know me, nor Lydia Nikolaevna. He realizes that he is in Russia, but behaves like a naughty five year old child. Takes the phone and tries to photograph. Says some phrases like “Look at the frame, look at the frame” and trying to lift himself on the phone. Waiting for dad to grow up,” — said Alibasov Jr.

We will remind, the first video Bari Alibasov after the coma is terrifying.

As reported Politeka, Alibasov condition deteriorated, doctors hide the worst: the details of the tragedy.

Also Politeka wrote that the Russian writer revealed the truth about the poisoning Alibasov.