A new feature in Windows, an insider revealed details to the release: what will change

Новая функция Windows, инсайдер раскрыл подробности до релиза: что изменится

As it became known, soon Windows you can restore from the cloud. This feature will be available to all from the second quarter of 2020.

Shortly after the announcement of the new feature that Windows 10 is “borrowed” in macOS with the next update, in the network appeared the first details about future chip popular desktop OS. On this unusual feature said the insider, who have already used the OS recovery from the cloud.

Новая функция Windows, инсайдер раскрыл подробности до релиза: что изменится

So, the programmer with the nickname Albacore decided to test job and started a system restore from the cloud. Oddly enough, but downloading the file, you receive the image of the popular Windows 10 version 14393 R1, released in August 2016. Apparently, the trick is not new, but the company is just reviving an existing one, and perhaps a failed project which everyone has forgotten in 2016.

Новая функция Windows, инсайдер раскрыл подробности до релиза: что изменится
Now this type of system restore Microsoft plans to make available to all laptops and desktops. Approximate release date update with this feature — the second quarter of 2020.

Recall that recently there was a massive glitch in the popular social networks. We are talking about Facebook and Instagram. Many users all over the world noted problems in the work. Despite the fact that it was impossible to get into a personal account, view news feed or respond to the message. This problem did not last long and soon the work of the system was successfully restored. But many worried that fact. There have also been suggestions that it was a failed hacking attempt that did not succeed. In any case, this is not the first failure in the work of these sotsseti.

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