A new cancer drug tested and will soon go on sale

Новое лекарство от рака протестировано и скоро поступит в продажу

In the USA, control of food and medicines has reviewed and approved the tool Vitrakvi, which treats a mutation of cancerous tumors

Generic medicinal product was developed by Loxo Oncology and Bayer. According to the researchers, for the successful treatment of mutated cancer important is only the type and location of the tumor is now irrelevant.

Новое лекарство от рака протестировано и скоро поступит в продажу

At this stage the cost of a year’s supply of Vitrakvi is about 393 thousand dollars, but the developers have expressed willingness to help the needy in paying for medications, at the end the price will be $ 20 per month.

In addition, Bayer note: for children of substance will be in liquid form, which will also reduce the cost about twice. About 2.5-3 thousand people every year are becoming mutated cancers. Thanks to the development of the disease will be treated at the genetic level.

“Today’s approval is another important step in the fight various types of cancer based on their tumor genetics, and not just on the basis of their local origin in the body,” — said the press service of the Directorate for control of food and medicines.

Новое лекарство от рака протестировано и скоро поступит в продажу

In turn, the manufacturer of Loxo Oncology in the framework of the meeting of the European society of medical Oncology said the study, which was attended by 109 people, 81% of the subjects, it was observed a clear improvement of the condition and size of the tumor, and 17% the cancer had retreated completely.

In this case, the medicine is able to treat cancers such as sarcoma, thyroid cancer, non-small cell lung cancer and other types.

We will remind, in 2017 in the United States was first approved tool that is able to treat genetic mutations.

As reported Politeka, apples contain substance which fights cancer cells.

Also Politeka wrote that scientists have studied the influence of irregular work schedule on health and found that irregular schedule often affects the development of cancer cells.