A new beauty procedure: eyebrow styling

If you are the owner of thick eyebrows, who did not want to obey, then this procedure for you.

Нова б&#039юті-процедура: укладка для брів

Long-term stacking will solve the problem with bushy eyebrows that grow in a chaotic direction, and quite impervious to the strongest of the fixing means. The result will be pleasantly surprised – perfect brows that look natural, without the effect of bonding of hairs, informs Rus.Media.

The procedure takes place in several stages and takes only 30 minutes.

First, the eyebrows are placed and fixed with a special solution. Then they are painted, giving the desired color and shape.

In a warehouse for long-term stacking includes argan oil, which coats each hair and makes it soft and manageable. Hairs become pliable and then the eyebrows can be given any desired shape. Then all of this is fixed with a special gel.

The procedure has no contraindications and is absolutely safe, since it has a gentle effect on the skin and hair. An exception may be only individual intolerance to the components. In this case, you need to consult with a specialist and pick up other materials.

Long-term laying lasts from 1-1. 5 months. The effect comes gradually and at the end of your eyebrows will come again to its normal condition. In this case, you just need to repeat the procedure with the help of special tools to make your eyebrows soft and manageable.

If necessary, you can add glitter to cover the perfectly coiffed eyebrow gel.

In addition, long-term stacking may be the salvation for the owners of thick and unruly eyebrows, it will be fine. After the procedure your eyebrows will look voluminous, thick and fluffy.

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