A mysterious tragedy has stirred the whole town, the police are “on ears”: “Found in the van”

Загадочная трагедия всколыхнула весь город, полиция «на ушах»: «Нашли в фургончике»

In one of villages of the Zaporozhye area found the body of a man who worked as a security guard

About it report “news of Melitopol”.

“On September 22 in the duty of the police received a report that at approximately 8:11 a.m. in the van, standing at the contour of field No. 2 at a distance of 5.8 km from the village of tavricheskoe yakymivs’kyi district discovered a man’s body. It turned out that the deceased during his life suffered from heart diseases”, — stated in the message.

The body was found in a van which was converted into a Lodge.

Загадочная трагедия всколыхнула весь город, полиция «на ушах»: «Нашли в фургончике»

Despite this, the militiamen opened criminal proceedings. The man’s body was transferred to specialists.

As previously reported, became known new details of the tragedy with a 14-year-old schoolgirl who hanged himself in the barn

Residents of the village of Nadrichne (Ternopil region), along with law enforcement officers believe that the Vita could become a victim of the popular online book “50 days before my suicide”, because this is not the first case when the death of a teenager suspected this book.

As you know, 14-year-old Vita hanged himself in a shed in his yard, and the body was found by her 85-year-old grandmother. The woman took the child out of the loop, but it was too late.

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“This is a terrible and sad story. No reason to commit suicide at Vita was not. We are still in shock. All this is connected with social networks, with one of the so-called group of death. The police told us that this is the first such case in the region”, – admitted in comments to journalists the head of Nationalscale Council Vladimir Baran

Security officials would not officially comment on the matter, but sources say she was Onet in the group of death like “blue whale”, but really was fond of the novel “50 days before my suicide”.

Vita lived with my grandmother in the village. Dad served in ATO-OOS, but recently my parents got divorced and now both commute to work in neighboring Poland. The locals speak of them as good, hardworking people.

The girl from early childhood accustomed to love for the Church. Early social networks Vita published photos from his communion, which shows in a beautiful white dress as the bride. At school often performed at concerts and nothing foretold troubles.

Загадочная трагедия всколыхнула весь город, полиция «на ушах»: «Нашли в фургончике»

Recall, found the corpse of a young football player: his friend confessed to actually happened.

As reported Politeka, the former head of the “Right sector” found with her throat cut.

Also Politeka wrote that the seventh-grader couldn’t handle the pressure in school and made irreparable.