A mysterious monster made a fatal mess: 46 corpses scattered around the yard, Ukrainians in horror

Загадочный монстр устроил смертельное месиво: 46 трупов разбросаны по двору, украинцы в ужасе

Local residents believe that their neighborhood wielding none other than the Chupacabra

A resident of the village Sosnovka (Glukhovsky R-n, Kharkiv) Mykola Buryak spoke about the terrible beast, which at the end of July climbed to his farm. The monster bit the neck 14 and 32 goslings indotcom. The bodies of animals lay in the middle of a farm, the website KP.UA.

One would assume that it did Fox or marten, but the handwriting was like a dreadful beast, feared by different rural areas of Ukraine. In particular, before such cases were recorded in Lviv and Volyn, where he found the bodies of rabbits with pererezannym SIPS. And earlier in Sumy region found the bodies of the chickens who had their heads blown off and drank his blood.

Загадочный монстр устроил смертельное месиво: 46 трупов разбросаны по двору, украинцы в ужасе

According to Mykola Buriak, of the body he found this morning when I came to feed their animals. As noted by the man, he walked in and just saw “a bloody mess”. The farmer said that the unknown creature made three digging around premises containing poultry. The man told the tunnel is so large that through them he could climb a bear.

Nicholas was upset, because apart from the fact that the monster killed the birds, so he also stole nine. At the same time some beast, fortunately, spared — about 70 birds.

Now the owner plans to put up a fence and train the dogs to an unknown animal never attacked the master’s yard. In February, the farmer waits for the completion of the birds.

A similar case in this district and the local have long been scary.

One of the wearer of the social network has told me that he saw a monster in the woods, when I went for the mushrooms. She said it looks like a kangaroo, a head like a kangaroo, in itself it is high, the paws are large, and the back short and thin. The beast quickly fled and was making a noise.

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Загадочный монстр устроил смертельное месиво: 46 трупов разбросаны по двору, украинцы в ужасе

Another wearer of the social network has said that this monster is unknown, but now locals called the creature.

Note, in 2018, in Exactly the unknown beast killed several dozen pregnant rabbits. The bloody carcass lay in the middle of the owner’s yard.

And in the village of Ustica (Glukhovsky R-n) a year ago, creatures of four months kept in awe the people. Locals told us that this bald, skinny with a terrible face, licinia animals growth about 50 centimetres.

According to scientists, it’s not a Chupacabra, but only to sick animals, such as dogs, foxes, Martens, or raccoons.

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