A mysterious illness began to kill, the number of victims is growing: “I made the same mistake”

Таинственная болезнь начала убивать, количество жертв растет: "совершили одинаковую ошибку"

In America increased deaths from Smoking wapow

Not so long ago in America were first documented case of death from an unknown disease that is associated with Smoking wapow. Writes Politeka with reference to the report of the Centre for control and prevention of diseases of the U.S. (СDC) since that time, the number of victims is significantly increased, as well as those who received diseases of the respiratory tract.

Таинственная болезнь начала убивать, количество жертв растет: "совершили одинаковую ошибку"

So, a week ago the number of victims amounted to 805 people. The cases recorded in almost all States of the country. 80% of patients under 35 years, most of them men.

Today, the number of cases exceeds a thousand people, namely 1080. Fatal, the disease ended in 18 cases.

As it was later determined that 78% of the patients smoked mix wapow containing tetrahydrocannabinol, noted in CDC.

While doctors can’t install as this unknown disease may be associated with vaami and most importantly, what causes this disease. Previously, scientists put forward the version that in the first place due to the so-called lipoid pneumonia — because of the oily substances in liquids for wapow. But on 2 October, the opening 17 of the bodies denied this theory.

Таинственная болезнь начала убивать, количество жертв растет: "совершили одинаковую ошибку"

Earlier it was reported that the doctors were able to prove a direct relationship of Smoking weepow and cancer in humans. Scientists have published data from a study of vaping substances, the analysis of the data shows that wapi provoke cancer of the oral cavity is not less than the usual cigarettes.

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The aromatic steam is having an impact on blood vessels, thinning the walls of veins and arteries, thus contributing to the development of severe heart disease. In addition, the popular theory that wapi will help a person to quit Smoking cigarettes is also a fiasco.

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