A military helicopter crashed immediately after takeoff: the details of the emergency

Военный вертолет рухнул сразу после взлета: подробности ЧП

A military helicopter crashed in the South-East of the country

Injuries to two crew members.

The Downing of the helicopter of the air force of Algeria occurred almost immediately after takeoff. The helicopter crashed over the field, once took off from a military airfield. Injured two people, reported local TV channel “al-Nahar”.

Военный вертолет рухнул сразу после взлета: подробности ЧП

According to experts, the accident could have happened due to a technical fault.

As previously reported, the helicopter suddenly fell into a civil airfield. The crash occurred in Lithuania in the village of Barisal Jonessa area.

Aircraft on takeoff crashed on the runway from a height of around 50 metres. Arrived at the scene, police and medics were hoping were in the helicopter people are alive. However, as it turned out, two people who were in the helicopter were killed. The doctor only had to confirm death.

According to a source in local police, yet fails to find out the identity of the crashed in a disaster. Moreover, the unknown and the age of the people. Reported only that the private aircraft was a twin, but bought it local availabitily.

Earlier we wrote that a helicopter with tourists on Board crashed in Kenya. The accident occurred in a national Park. On Board were the pilot and four tourists.

“Four Americans and a Kenyan pilot were killed when their helicopter crashed on a remote island in lake Turkana national Park in the North-West of Kenya,” reads the police Department of Kenya.

Above the tent camp in the national Park Labola flew two helicopters, one successfully landed. All who were on Board the helicopter that crashed, killing. An investigation is ongoing to determine the causes of the disaster.

Военный вертолет рухнул сразу после взлета: подробности ЧП

The Board belonged to the President of Kenya William Ruto. At the controls of the helicopter was the official pilot of African heads of state Mario Magong.

Recall that the crashed helicopter with the famous businessman: “no survivors”.

As reported Politeka, a passenger plane collided with a UFO while flying: in case punched a big hole.

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