“A midget or a child?”: scandal in the United States adopted a Ukrainian girl is gaining momentum

«Карлица или ребенок?»: скандал с усыновленной в США украинской девочкой набирает обороты

In the United States, the court will decide the fate of Ukrainian women, which was adopted by an American family and then abandoned her, saying that it was an adult midget

It turned out that the girl has a congenital problem with the bones.

Foster parents Ukrainka Natalia grace Michael and Christine Barnett had adopted her in 2010. At the time, told the pair, the girl, as they believed, was six years old. However, later, Barnett began to have doubts. They decided that Natalya is a big girl that pretends to be a child.

«Карлица или ребенок?»: скандал с усыновленной в США украинской девочкой набирает обороты

Later, an American couple began to pay attention to the strange and sometimes aggressive behavior adopted Natalia.

“She hid the knives in our couches. Said he wanted to kill family members. She poured chemicals to your coffee. She smeared the blood on the mirrors. She could stand over us while we slept. Could be in the middle of the room and say that only waiting for the right time,” told the unpleasant details about Natalie Barnett, says the story TSN.

In the end the Barnett patience ran out and they turned to the experts. They said that Natalia is not the child, her birth year – 1989. Besides, she still suffer mental disorders.

She changed in the documents her age from 11 years to 22 years, in rented accommodation, helped to obtain a social security number, were given coupons to buy food. Then a couple was forced to go to Canada.

And when the couple returned, they were arrested for being allegedly left in the lurch child. It turns out that Natalie said at the former foster parents to the police. It should now be resonant the decision of the court, which will decide Natalya is a big girl or child, and how old is she, in the end.

Meanwhile, the journalists managed to track down the biological mother of Natalia and the orphanage where she lived a girl, when she refused, mother.

The girl’s mother Anna lives in Nikolaev. She admitted that when she learned that the girl has a disability, then abandoned it. Anna says that she gave birth to Natalia in 2003, not 1989.

Remember the girl in Nikolaevsk children’s home. Her photo album in the institution was shown by the employees.

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“She was a very kind girl. We loved her very much. Her hair was always braided,” – said the chief physician of the Nikolaev regional children’s home Olga Litvinova.

«Карлица или ребенок?»: скандал с усыновленной в США украинской девочкой набирает обороты

She added that Natalia was preparing for surgery on the bones and it then appeared the U.S. family that adopted her.

Now Natalia lives in the family of an American pastor in Indiana — Antwone and Cynthia mense. They are asking the court to return the girl to document her childhood.

Hearings on this scandalous case begin next week, but with the participation of a jury the case will be considered on January 28.

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