A messy and family challenge

1198141The offerings of the organizers of the Race of gods were welcomed, so that for the third consecutive year, more than 1,000 “people” tried to join the gods and goddesses of Mount Fortin in glorious sunshine!

Faced with the constant popularity of obstacle course, organizers, Denis Gravel (Récréo Boxing) and Sebastien Renaud, and their partners have again used imagination to concoct 10 new challenges, some of which also funny and unexpected.

Even toddlers, who accompany dad and / or mom, now have their own path to become minidieux!

Besides, on the site, it was not uncommon for small families in action. As Sylvain family, Larouche, including Felix and brothers Jacob, respectively 10 and 5 years, and their Maxim sister, 8 years old, who have risen to the challenge of youth route, while Dad Marco completed the 8 km elite mom and Martine Coupal was also in action in one of the course.

For Jacob, it was a first experience, but for Felix, it was a breeze! “How long have I make. I often Spartan (races). I went to Stoneham. It’s still cool here! “Said the elder who especially love the walls to climb.

Benoit Conde came Baie-Comeau with his wife Audrey Lemieux and their son Derek, 7, and Zack, 5 years. Originally, he was to take part in the 5km with relatives, but ultimately, he handed the project to next year because it took care of fistons for Audrey and her sister-Alexandra Bouchard, fell this first challenge for fun. Dereck has enjoyed doing the course for young people, while Zack tried, but did not finish.

For their part, Jonquiéroises Laurence and Julie Legault Salesse took advantage of the proximity of the event to test their form.

Smiling, both sporting admit we got for their money. “It was up to the” challenge “,” they assure.

Julie, who plays for the UQAC soccer team, admits to having had trouble with the obstacle which must pass under a gate in ice water. “Cold water pogne you in the heart. It is breathtaking, “she says.

Laurence is the multitude of ups who put to the test. “Here, there are many small climbs steeply instead of 4-5 large where it gives a blow and then it’s done. ”

Strong outside competitors
Racing gods continues to grow in popularity and the 3rd edition was no exception, with over 1,000 participants.

Co-organizer of the event with Denis Gravel, Sébastien Renaud said with happiness and pride that the reputation of the event has crossed the boundaries of the Parc des Laurentides. The finding is especially interesting that the feedback has been very positive.

“This year, we have strong competitors from the outside. These are people of the elite, powerful who make races around the world and have decided to come to the race of the gods. We just gather their comments and they “tripent”. They say the journey is extraordinary. One of the comments that made us happy is the one who said that what sets our course, is its versatility, because we found all the facets of an obstacle course. There are technical aspects, strength and pleasure; include everything from running, climbing hills, etc. ”

Among the novelties, both courses were found (4.5 km and 8 km), and the course for minidieux, which had to accommodate between 200 and 300 young people. “It was also inflatable foam obstacles to get a fanciful component,” says Sébastien Renaud.

Female clients is still majority, but less than last year. “Last year, we had 65% of girls and 35% boys. This year it is 55% girls and 45% boys, “said Mr. Renaud.

Finally, besides the physical challenge, the Race of gods also helps contribute to good causes. Two organizations, Solidarité Québec-Vietnam and the Foundation of my life, will share more than $ 10,000, thanks to the profits raised by the organizers of the Race of Gods and valuable partners.

In numbers

Participants at the third edition

200 to 300

Young participants of the course minidieux


Participants are women

$ 10,000

Raised for two causes through profits

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