A meaningful collaboration

enseignante-adaptation-scolaire-anne-sophieDifferent children. Beautiful portraits of them made by a photographer who used subtlety and sensitivity to capture their best smiles. wooden objects and melting glass made by students with special needs. The best will be met at the event and Autistic Artists, a large opening picture presented April 27 at the Chicoutimi Pulp.

The event is the result of collaboration between primary Le Roseau, a designated establishment of the Commission scolaire des Rives-du-Saguenay for pervasive developmental disorders, and high school Charles-Gravel, which are exempted preparatory training programs at work and continuous individualized path.

By purchasing a ticket for $ 5, participants at the opening will contribute to a great cause. The money raised will go directly into the school’s coffers Le Roseau and serve the educational needs of its three classes in special education. Thanks to the collected amounts, thirty autistic children aged six to ten years will be able to take part in a range of outputs to meet their sensory needs. These children can live in isolation experiments and learn about unfamiliar places, as many highly beneficial activities for them and often difficult to arrange for their parents.

With stunning photographs of Roseau students will contiguous soft background music supplied by cellists of the school, under the direction of Isabelle Savard and David Ellis, known for his involvement with the Alcan Quartet. The group School of Rock, led by English teacher and singer of Mordicus training, Maxime Desrosiers, will add a touch of acrobatics at 5 to 7. The musicians will include different and similar at the same time, a song composed by the “band” to mark the month of autism it two years ago. The auction will be hosted by Louis Legault psychologist. It’s time for ticket holders to get their hands on the glass and wood objects concocted by young Charles-Gravel and portraits of Emmanuelle Tremblay, a marketing student UQAC that s’ is illustrated once at Reed as part of an art project showcasing the faces of schoolchildren.

“For two months, she followed us. She spent a full day in class, sometimes lying on the ground, to create a contact with young people and play with them in their element. She managed to make connections and went to get the best of children, “said the special education teacher, Anne-Sophie Desforges.

A sample of the exhibition is now on display near the classes attended by young people. On each image in black and white color filter jet.

“We really wanted to know the capabilities and the beautiful sides of our students. For parents, it is not always obvious. The eyes of others is difficult because their child looks nothing like the established social conventions, “says Anne-Sophie Desforges. Wednesday’s opening will also complimented by the testimony of a parent.

The school principal Reed, Annie Gaudreault notes that the project also involves autistic children integrated into regular classes.

“We made a great happening. There will be full of surprises, “she promises.

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