A mathematician has created an incredible Botanical garden called “Labyrinth of Archimedes”

Hans Munthe-Kaas so carried away by the idea to design a school for “special” Botanical garden, which turned it into a real labyrinth made of plants.

Математик створив неймовірний ботанічний сад, який назвали "Лабіринт Архімеда"

When mathematics Hans Munte-Kaas University of Bergen in Norway, was asked to help design a new Botanical garden for school, he fell into despair – mathematics and plants combined poorly. However, a year later an inquisitive mind created a miracle – a mathematical maze, which will be presented next year as a winner Belevskoe prize, which is awarded to outstanding mathematicians of our time, informs Rus.Media.

Математик створив неймовірний ботанічний сад, який назвали "Лабіринт Архімеда"

The building was named “the Labyrinth of Archimedes” and in the end occupied an area of 800 m2. It is located in Diabat, a rain garden, which takes its name from the adiabatic process, which occurs during the passage of moist sea air over a mountain chain. In the development of the maze Munthe-Kaas started with different spirals. The source of inspiration was the so-called “Archimedean spiral” is the natural curve that occurs frequently in various aspects of nature, for example in ferneries. And then he just connected this model with the so-called plane symmetry groups, the infinite 2D patterns, which often perform patterns on ceramic tile or on an ancient mosaic in the medieval houses.

Only 2 of the 17 groups had the characteristics that were needed in mathematics, namely mirror symmetry, so that they went in opposite directions regardless of the point of intersection. One group the bars were in the form of squares, and the other in the form of hexagons – Hans chose the second, “to make the maze more fun to complete. In addition, in his opinion, the hexagons have a more organic look and suggest on the comb.

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The walls of the maze are composed of yew trees, some of them planted in pots, which allows you to change the internal configuration of the maze. Since the maze is located close to Bergen airport, fantastic design can be viewed from the air. Unique garden opened last weekend. Visitors who come to his conference award winners will be invited to go through the maze, using clues scattered throughout its territory.

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