A massive fire engulfed the warehouse where he kept the candles, the smoke to the heavens: images of PE

Масштабный пожар охватил склады, где хранились свечи, дым до небес: кадры ЧП

The fire, which rescuers have assigned the highest, fifth rank difficulty occurred at a storage company

Fire has quickly enough extended on the area more than four thousand “squares”.

In the Russian city of St. Petersburg for the production of candles, a fire broke out. Beginning to glow with a four-storey administrative and warehouse building, Russian media reported.

Масштабный пожар охватил склады, где хранились свечи, дым до небес: кадры ЧП

Rescuers urgently evacuated from the building 200.

It is reported that the fire quickly spread and is now burning for more than four thousand square meters. In the MOE reported that the fire grade is raised to the maximum level five.

The reasons for the fire and no injuries reported.

As we wrote earlier, the inhabitant of the Sum with the family, stayed the night in the hotel “Tokyo star” in the fateful night of 17 August when there was a terrible fire.

When the fire engulfed the floor, the head of the family rushed over with a fire extinguisher, but to return to her family could not.

Sumchanin Long Alexander stayed at the hotel “Tokyo star” with wife and 10 year old daughter. They were passing through town and wanted only to sleep. When beginning to burn all around, the man rushed down the hall looking for the fire extinguisher, which there was one. More wife and daughter alive, he had not seen.

“Fire in the corridor was such that I don’t know how I survived. The ceiling was falling, all plastic is all dripping on me. I ran hot on the plastic and felt can not go,” recalls the events of that terrible night, Alexander.

He was lucky to pop up in the corridor where were the rescuers. He shouted that a woman and child.

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The man was taken to hospital with burns. He was unable to attend the funeral of his wife, which has been conducted in the last path at home in the Sumy region. But the daughter’s body he wants to take and bury himself when he gets discharged from the hospital.

Масштабный пожар охватил склады, где хранились свечи, дым до небес: кадры ЧП

We will add that in the night of 17 August, during a fire in the hotel “Tokyo star”, killing nine people. The fire began to spread from the second floor and quickly engulfed the hotel. People were saved in what was.

The injured were urgently transported to hospitals by ambulance. Now threat of life of affected no.

Odessa citizens believe the hotel was set on fire by competitors. Local law enforcement authorities opened criminal proceedings.

Recall that in network merged frightening footage from the scene of the tragedy in Odessa

And Politeka wrote that the police have uncovered an unexpected cause of the fire in Odessa

Also Politeka reported that Zelensky has erased in a powder of the owner of the hotel