A massacre under the noses of Putin “had no chance”, a video and details from the scene of the massacre

Жуткая резня под носом у Путина: "шансов не было", видео и детали с места расправы

An attack on a henchman of Vladimir Putin was committed right outside the place of work

As reported Politeka, about it write the Russian mass media

It is reported that the incident happened today, October 1.

Жуткая резня под носом у Путина: "шансов не было", видео и детали с места расправы

In particular, at the entrance of the departmental building, which belongs to a Central office of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, was attacked an employee of the Department.

Victim in serious condition was hospitalized in a medical institution, and the assailant was arrested at the scene of the crime.

After a time there appeared the information that the employee SK Russia died in hospital, without regaining consciousness.

“Stab in the heart, were affected by large vessels. Died, without regaining consciousness. Our source also confirmed the death of a member of the UK. According to him, the chances of survival for men are virtually no”, — stated in the message Telegram-channel 360tv

Later it became known that the attack was committed by a senior investigator, Colonel Kapustin. The man was shot in the chest outside the territory of the Investigative Committee, but had to walk to the entrance and to say that he was stabbed.

A member of the UK then immediately fell down and lost consciousness. It is reported that the deceased Colonel was working in the Department on organization of reception of citizens.

Жуткая резня под носом у Путина: "шансов не было", видео и детали с места расправы

Previously, we reported that ally of Vladimir Putin found dead. Information about the deaths of terrorists in his personal microblogging published a Pro-Ukrainian blogger from the occupied Donbass Necro Mancer.

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According to him, in the capital of the Russian Federation, was found dead terrorists “LNR” Catherine Tokarenko, which fought against the Ukrainian army on the side of the Russian occupation troops.

It is reported that the accomplice of the invaders found in a Moscow apartment with a broken neck.

It is known that Catherine Tokarenko had several awards from the command of terrorist forces “L/DNR”. She lived a long time in Odessa and was an active participant in anti-Ukrainian actions under the guidance of the famous Russian mercenary Ivakin.

Recall Zelensky immediately appealed to Putin in the Donbas was the worst.

As reported Politeka, Putin has no chance, the plan for the destruction is ready.

Also Politeka wrote that Putin is preparing a new invasion, deadly weapons at the border