A massacre in a military unit, corpses everywhere: “lost in place”, the details of the horrible massacre

Бойня в воинской части, трупы повсюду: "погибли на месте", детали жуткой расправы

The soldier shot his colleagues in a military unit. As a result of slaughter killed eight people

The tragedy occurred in Russia, in Zabaykalsky Krai, 25 Oct. Serviceman repair-technical base opened fire on his colleagues in a military unit in the Mountain village during the changing of the guard.

According to recent reports, the shooting, eight people were killed on the spot. At least two were injured, was taken to the hospital. It is reported that their health is not in danger.

The shooter was neutralized. It managed to hold.

Бойня в воинской части, трупы повсюду: "погибли на месте", детали жуткой расправы

Shooting incident already commented on the defense Ministry.

“The actions of a soldier could occur on the soil of a nervous breakdown, caused by personal circumstances, not related to military service”, — reported in Department.

Бойня в воинской части, трупы повсюду: "погибли на месте", детали жуткой расправы

Andrei Palchevsky warned Zelensky: “will Be on the field of fools”

Later it became known that the shooter was 20-year-old soldiers Shamsutdinov R.

Earlier, we reported that in Mexico in the state of Michoacan, a group of unidentified men opened fire on the convoy of the police. The accident killed 14 people and three others received injuries of varying severity.

Police went to the region by decision of a court in El Aguaje. When they drove through the city, their convoy was ambushed. As it became known, a group of armed men on several pickups were surrounded by police and opened fire on them. After they set fire to the remaining car.

As you know, El Aguaje is a strategic place in the war of the drug cartels in the region. According to the newspaper, the clashes in the territory occur between a small group of Los Viagras, which broke away from the group of the cartel “Templars”, and the New generation cartel of Jalisco (CJNG).

Бойня в воинской части, трупы повсюду: "погибли на месте", детали жуткой расправы

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What members of this cartel are suspected in the attack on the police. The fact that a few days earlier, one of the leaders of this organization were killed in the police.

Earlier also it was reported that the mosque has killed people when they prayed. The incident killed at least 15 people. Several people were seriously injured.

So, in the evening, 11 October, in the village of Salmassi in the North of the Burkina Faso armed men attacked the mosque, de passed prayer. There broke several unknown and began chaotic shooting.

Recall that the shooting occurred in Kharkov: it became known who died, “gang violence.”

As reported Politeka, massacre occurred in the capital: people were shot outside the restaurant.

Also Politeka wrote that the Bank was shot in Krivoy Rog: flocked by the police.