A man with a knife attacked passers-by details and footage of terrible massacre

Мужчина с ножом набросился на прохожих: подробности и кадры жуткой резни

In America, the man attacked passers-by and wounded five people

So, incident happened on Wednesday morning, September 11, on the territory of the supplier of building materials in Dyke Industries Tallahassee, Florida. It is reported by CNN.

Мужчина с ножом набросился на прохожих: подробности и кадры жуткой резни

The man was a company employee, who was stabbed five of his colleagues. It is not clear what caused such a terrible incident. The police, who arrived at the emergency, immediately took the attacker into custody.

All the victims were taken to the hospital with injuries of varying severity. As later told medical staff that one person is in serious condition. They were immediately given the necessary medical assistance. Life five people no danger.

Мужчина с ножом набросился на прохожих: подробности и кадры жуткой резни

Earlier it was reported that in America, outside the airport crashed a freight plane. He was carrying car parts. At the scene immediately arrived emergency services and ambulances. It is known that onboard there were two persons. Most likely, survive failed.

All the tracks going to the airport were blocked by law enforcement officers. The fire was extinguished a few hours after the crash.

It was also reported that in Odessa there was a bloody incident with a worker of fast food.

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As eyewitnesses told, the seller fasfuda on the job was stabbed in the heart. Witnesses of the incident called an ambulance and the victim was hospitalized to the hospital with a serious wound.

According to reports, the police managed to detain the suspect of the attacker, in which were two knives. However, no official comments from the police yet does not. However, the fact of state of emergency do not deny, and allege that “now clarified the circumstances of what happened.”

Recall that the man made hell near Kiev: “cut with a knife, and strangled”.

As reported Politeka, the man in Odessa interceded for the girl and got stabbed.

Also Politeka wrote the details of the massacre in the school of Belarus: “Vadim went with a knife on the floor, went into all the classes”.