A man vandalizing cars at police station

homme-introduit-stationnement-cloture-poste(Granby) If introduced into the chamber of a police station without permission to commit harm is not the best idea. A Granbyen 29 years has learned to its cost and will face justice. He not only broke into the fenced parking lot of the police station, but he also damaged two vehicles and then resisted arrest by engaging in assault on two police officers.

The individual would have probably jumped over the fence of the parking lot where parked patrol cars and personal vehicles of the police, around 23:30 on Wednesday. He then committed wrongdoings on an unmarked car service vehicle and an agent says the officer Caroline Garand, spokesman for the police force.

The police quickly arrested, but the man fled on foot. He was spotted in the parking lot of a building housing the Leroux street or in the back yard of the parking police.

The individual resisting arrest. It comes with assaulting two officers, even wounding one of them. After being treated at the hospital, it was discharged.

The suspect was arrested and taken to the hospital to check its condition after resisting arrest.

The man of 29, who is not known to police, was accused of assaulting two peace officers, mischief and obstructing police.

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