A man disappeared in the St. Lawrence River in Verdun is found

1086131A swim with friends in the St. Lawrence River has turned into a nightmare Friday in Montreal. A man of 23 years “in panic” sank in the waters in front of his four friends. His body was found Saturday morning by divers SPVM.

A group of friends had gathered in the early evening on the Wharf Park Quai-de-la-Tortue, in the borough. Around 7:35 p.m., the two men in the group jumped into the water to swim, while their three friends remained on the platform.

“One of them did not seem to be very comfortable and started to panic and do not swim well. He wanted to stall his friend back. His friend managed to climb on the platform, but the young man who panicked was never seen again, “said Eric Dahmen, chief of operations at the Fire Department of Montreal (SIM).

The suicide theory was totally ruled by the Police Department of the City of Montreal (SPVM). “It is considered an accident,” said the spokesman Benoit Boisselle.

Firefighters have ended their search for the young man to 21:30 Friday and transferred the case to the SPVM, which resumed operation on Saturday morning with divers.

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