A lover of Putin murdered abroad: the first details of “body found in…”

С любовником Путина расправились за границей: первые подробности, «тело нашли в...»

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin with the help of his mercenaries dealt harshly with her lover, who worked in the Kremlin

About it as writes “Polish radio”, according to Polish newspaper Fakt.

“Putin’s assistant Yuriy Mikhalevich confirmed that was the lover of the President of Russia. Mikhalevich supposedly even wrote a book “I was a lover of Putin.” This information appeared recently on several foreign web portals. Interestingly, the book is hard to find, because, according to the above-mentioned services, the Kremlin banned its sale. And now the most interesting: Yuri allegedly killed by a radioactive substance using the Russian special services. However, this is not confirmed information,” — said in the message.

С любовником Путина расправились за границей: первые подробности, «тело нашли в...»

The fate of the book is even more mysterious. In it the author talked about the fact that Putin is actually gay, and they had a hot romance. The body of author found in an apartment in Switzerland.

“Neighbors complained of a bad smell. On the spot the police, as I found strong traces of radioactive exposure. “We had to call back to the group on disinfection. We can confirm that this radioactive substance. This is a very rare Russian product named TCDD dioxin,” reads the text.

As previously reported, there is information about the death of chief of Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom he trusted “like yourself”

“Eugene Prigogine was on Board the an-72 aircraft, crashed on October 11. Yesterday, the businessman had to meet with the President of an African nation in Kinshasa, where, and flew the plane, but the meeting did not take place”, — stated in the message.

At the moment we know that after the tragedy Prigogine does not get in touch.

“Today, the Congolese authorities announced that the search operations continue in the area of the crash of an-72”, — underlined in the message.

As it turned out, Prigogine was flying at the presidential Board.

“But what confuses the editor, — being in the aircraft, only 4 civil — for the protection of such a big businessman enough,” the report States.

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Previously, we wrote about the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin once again startled the world that his scientists create new deadly weapons. He said that by the time it reaches the leading armies of the world of hypersonic weapons in the Russian Federation will have something newer, scientists are working on it.

Putin said that Russia cannot be indifferent to the situation of international strategic stability and security. According to Putin, the point was that none of the parties had any illusions that she can win a nuclear war. In addition, according to the head of the Russian Federation, the Russian defence industry, already working on the creation of promising arms.

С любовником Путина расправились за границей: первые подробности, «тело нашли в...»

We will remind, has died former first lady, the President made a heartbreaking statement.

As he wrote Politeka, the controversial leader-like Putin suddenly died.

Also Politeka wrote that during the trial, died ex-President of Egypt Mohammed Morsi.