A listed of Dunkirk, the film with Harry Styles, and his grand-mother suspected of murder – Here

It’s been several days already that Gaia Pope, 19, is missing. Nathan Elsey, who had made the representation in Dunkirk, the film with Harry Styles, and his grandmother Rosemary Dinch, have been arrested by the police.

The path of Nathan Elsey had, perhaps, crossed that of Harry Styles. The two British girls have in common is that both participated in the Dunkirk, the blockbuster film released in the summer. The first as a simple, contained, and the second as a headliner. This, however, is not to have landed a new role that Nathan is back in the news but for wrong reason.

The young man of 19 years, as well as Rosemary Dinch, her grandmother of 71 years, were arrested and detained by the police forces of the English that the suspect has a share of responsibility in the disturbing disappearance of Gaia Pope, 19 years. The girl has been missing since 7 November, and was seen for the last time while she was at Rosemary, who was renting a room. A house where also lived his son, Nathan.

A neighbour, who witnessed the arrests, told the Daily Mail that he saw the young man and his grandmother to be taken away by the police yesterday : “Mrs. Dinch […] had no handcuffs. I saw Nathan being led to the car, he had his hands in the back, and the police framed her and escorted. We saw them both be taken away. “The house is since prohibited to the public and available for inspection by the scientific police. Rosemary Dinch has since been released but his grandson is still in police custody.

The young man, who confessed on his website that taking part in the Dunkerque had ” strengthened his determination to accomplish his dream of becoming an actor “, “would cooperate in the investigation” as was stated by the spokesman of the police. In the days leading up to his disappearance, Gaia Priest had posted on Instagram a message worrying accompanied by the hashtag ” #AgressionSexuelle “.


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According to the Daily Mail, if no body was found, the police suspect that ” unfortunately [Gaia] was injured “.

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