A large-scale rebellion engulfed the capital, in the course went the guns, all the smoke: live events

Масштабный бунт охватил столицу, в ход пошло оружие, все в дыму: видео происходящего

20 April in France rattle riots

As a result of output to another protest so-called “yellow jackets”, dozens of activists were detained.

Started 23 weeks of protests in France. It is known that the capital Paris, 70 people were detained for carrying prohibited items. Protesters used smoke and stun grenades. It is known that the local authorities pulled together more than 60 thousand policemen and gendarmes, more than five thousand in Paris.

So today’s speech, the activists called an “ultimatum 2”. The protesters expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the rich donate for the rebuilding of Notre Dame hundreds of millions of euros:

“Suddenly after the fire found everywhere money?!”.

Recall that the French capital comes after a large-scale fire in the Cathedral of Notre Dame.

As you know, the fire started under the roof of the main building of a building, after the fire tried to get to the towers, but the rescuers prevented destruction of the Cathedral. After all, if the flames reached the wooden structures of the towers, which hold the heaviest bells, their fall would have led to irreversible destruction of the building. It is reported that the heaviest bell in the Cathedral weighs 13 tons.

Масштабный бунт охватил столицу, в ход пошло оружие, все в дыму: видео происходящего

So, if not for the efforts of 20 firefighters, most famous works of the middle ages could not be. Employees of the rescue services took more than 8 hours to isolate any fire.

The fire in the Cathedral of Notre Dame broke out the evening of April 15. Previously, the tragedy occurred due to restoration work which began here in early April. However, what was the cause of the incident is still unknown. According to preliminary information, ignited the wooden scaffolding that was installed on the upper level of the Cathedral.

We will remind, the staff of Notre Dame announced unexpected details.

As reported Politeka, Notre Dame Cathedral could be saved from the fire emerged a fatal mistake.

Also Politeka wrote that part of Notre Dame began to sell via the Internet.