A large-scale rebellion broke out in the capital! “Maidan” gathered because of the controversial video: “From Russia with love”

Масштабный бунт разгорелся в столице! "Майдан" собрался из-за скандального видео: "Из России с любовью"

At the office of the Chancellor of Austria today, may 18, was going to a rally, the people demand early elections

It is known that the area in front of the office of Austria in Vienna, comes more and more people at a spontaneous rally. Many of the protesters are holding flags of the EU, the symbolism of anti-fascists. People demand early elections, reports “European true”.

Масштабный бунт разгорелся в столице! "Майдан" собрался из-за скандального видео: "Из России с любовью"

The protesters chanted slogans demanding new elections, some holding red cards, which they show to the government.

One of the posters says “Sebastian, your government, your responsibility”, there are also posters with inscriptions in Russian “goodbye!” and “From Russia with love”.

The protesters started gathering in the square since the morning of may 18, they demanded the resignation of the Vice-Chancellor Heinz Christian strache because of the scandalous video from “rich Russian”.

Recall that we are talking about the movie, which on the eve of the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung and Spiegel released. This is a video of the meeting, which was held in July 2017 in Ibiza. Strache was found with a Russian woman Alyona Makarova, the niece of the oligarchs around Putin.

The girl allegedly planned to invest not quite legal means in Austria, including participants discussed the acquisition of its Austrian publication Kronen Zeitung, where it is proposed to promote the line of the Austrian freedom party, to lead it to victory in the elections.

Масштабный бунт разгорелся в столице! "Майдан" собрался из-за скандального видео: "Из России с любовью"

For almost 7 hours of their meeting, strache in exchange for Russian support did talk to a few questionable sentences. For example, offering her lucrative public contacts in case of participation of his party in government.

On Saturday, may 18, Heinz Christian strache still announced his resignation from the post of Vice-Chancellor and Chairman of the Austrian freedom party.

Earlier it was reported that a “friendly telephone conversation” took place between the Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurtz and President-elect of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

The Chancellor said that Austria will give every support to Ukraine in carrying out reforms.

The conversation took place on Friday, may 3. About this in his Twitter wrote to the Chancellor of Austria. “Ukraine remains an important partner for Austria and the EU, we will continue to actively support reform and fight against corruption,” he said.

Kurtz also mentioned the Minsk agreements, adding that at the moment, it is very important to achieve progress in the implementation of paragraphs of the Minsk agreements.

Recall that the experts were told about the new Prime Minister of Ukraine: “Zelensky agree.”

As reported Politeka, Zelensky agreed to appoint Poroshenko on top post: “We will unite Ukraine”.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky has shown intimate photos with his wife: “Sleeping with the first lady of Ukraine”.