A large-scale emergency at the airport of the capital, airports blocked: what happens

Масштабное ЧП в аэропорту столицы, аэропорты заблокированы: что происходит

In the Moscow airports were detained and canceled more than 140 flights

In Moscow airports amid warnings of emergency situations about the fog in the Moscow region on the morning of August 31, more than 140 flights canceled or delayed.

According to information 09:00 GMT most flights were delayed at Sheremetyevo. There is delay 71 flight. Vnukovo – 32. In Domodedovo – 38. Another 11 were cancelled completely.

Масштабное ЧП в аэропорту столицы, аэропорты заблокированы: что происходит

When the aircraft was allowed to climb into the sky until no one can say. The aircraft, flying to Moscow, put in other cities.Масштабное ЧП в аэропорту столицы, аэропорты заблокированы: что происходит

We will remind that the Russian plane was involved in another emergency. According to Russian propagandists, the incident occurred at the airport of Kurgan. A passenger plane that had to perform the flight Kurgan-Moscow, was detained at the local airport.

According to available information, the aircraft with passengers on Board could not fly from the airport of Kurgan due to technical problems.

Масштабное ЧП в аэропорту столицы, аэропорты заблокированы: что происходит

“The flight is delayed due to technical problems. The airline now awaits specialists from Tyumen to fix them”, — stated in the message. It should be noted that the airport management declined in the comment to journalists state the nature of the problems, which a passenger plane could not fly to Moscow.

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According to the schedule of the airport, the flight is operated by Boeing 737-500 of UTair aviation. “Floatplane Taquan Air had again an accident. Two people died after the plane crashed Monday afternoon in the Harbor of Metlakatla”, — stated in the message CNN.

It is known that PE victims were the pilot and the passenger: “Except them onboard there was no one else”. The tragedy occurred in the U.S. state of Alaska. Personality dead set.

Масштабное ЧП в аэропорту столицы, аэропорты заблокированы: что происходит

It is also known that this is the second tragic incident in the region a week ago over Alaska faced two seaplanes, resulting in six people were killed, ten more were hospitalized. About the reasons of state of emergency is still unknown.

Note that in September the airport “Zhulyany” in Kiev is waiting for the reconstruction, where the air gate will no longer accept flights. It is reported avianews.com. The article States that the aircraft ten airlines will be flying from “Borispol”.

Recall that two planes with people collided in the air: a lot of victims, details of a mysterious tragedy.

As reported Politeka, with Putin’s plane was an emergency, raised NATO fighters.

Politeka also wrote that the plane crashed on a popular route: “passengers were trapped in a fire”.