A large-scale accident occurred due to hail: more than 50 cars “smashed”, there are victims

Масштабное ДТП произошло из-за града: больше 50 машин "вдребезги", есть пострадавшие

Due to the sudden hail was a terrible accident on the road

This was reported by radio MDR.

It is known that the accident occurred on the autobahn A-71, Germany. It is reported that he faced more than 50 cars. The accident occurred in the South of Thuringia because of the rain.

“Sudden hail led to the formation of ice on the road surface. More than 50 vehicles were in an accident “, — is spoken in the message.

Масштабное ДТП произошло из-за града: больше 50 машин "вдребезги", есть пострадавшие

Law enforcement reported that the accident seriously injured four people in the 21st diagnosed with minor injuries. The scene of the accident stretched for several hundred metres — a car crashed into each other, some of them came down on the fence. Still, clashes were reported and on the opposite side of the track, but they were minor. At the scene staffed emergency services, fire departments and towing companies. In addition, there are several helicopters. The highway was completely blocked and, as suggested by the police can be opened in a few hours.

Масштабное ДТП произошло из-за града: больше 50 машин "вдребезги", есть пострадавшие

Earlier it was reported that participants in large scale fire accidents were almost 30 vehicles. It is reported by TSN. As we previously reported, in the U.S. state of Colorado has seen a massive accident. Then there was information that the trailer with the wood collided with parked cars, with the result that there was a major fire. For updated information it is known that the accident occurred on a busy highway in the suburbs of Denver. Wagon with lumber at high speed crashed into the car in front, then the car was engulfed in flames. It is noted that a fire fueled by wood, which were transported by truck.

As noted by American journalists, in a fiery accident suffered 28 vehicles — four trucks and 24 cars. It is also known that in the result of incident four persons were lost, ten more were hospitalized in medical institutions.

It is also noted that the police managed to arrest the culprit on a busy highway. It was the 23-year-old Cuban. Previously it is established that the man was sober. According to the American media, the vehicle could refuse brakes.

We will remind that the bus with tourists got in a fatal accident in Portugal.

As reported Politeka, “Sherlock” Cumberbatch got in an accident.

Also Politeka wrote that the Ukrainians crashed in a terrible accident in the Czech Republic.