A homeless woman made a good business on the reconstruction of the trailers, it is now known to half of America

Like a stray American came up, where she lived, and grew rich on it.

Бездомна жінка зробила хороший бізнес на реконструкції трейлерів, тепер її знає пів Америки

One 24-year-old Courtney Armstrong found that in the morning she wakes up in his office at work. Not that it started yesterday, but on this day the young woman realized that so can not continue. And decided to change his life, informs Rus.Media.

A year ago she was a College graduate. Courtney dreamed of a career on radio and was hoping to start with a radio that has invested her father. But a month after he signed the documents, the man fell ill after a stroke.

The father was able to recover barely working station or continue to invest in the automobile festival, which he conducted. This caused Courtney to take control of both projects. Then the girl’s parents were on the verge of divorce, and her roommates without warning broke her lease.

So she was to spend the night in his office.

But then Courtney realized that this is not the best and not a stable version.

Armstrong appealed for help to one friend of the family, which led camping KOA (Kampgrounds of America). He found a man who sold p atically trailer. Courtney was allowed to make payments in installments and provided free Parking in the campsite in exchange for work at the front Desk a few hours a week.

21 APR 2014 Armstrong moved to its first trailer. Then she seemed to fall below nowhere.

“At first I was confused, says Courtney. – I feel homeless”.

Бездомна жінка зробила хороший бізнес на реконструкції трейлерів, тепер її знає пів Америки

But then she fell in love with life in their own home on wheels

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Бездомна жінка зробила хороший бізнес на реконструкції трейлерів, тепер її знає пів Америки

At first Armstrong thought that she had a lot of things. But the need to fit everything into a trailer with an area of 250 square feet (23 square d) is forced to reconsider all the details and to decide what was the most useful and valuable.

“Everything that we have, carries with it emotional weight, says Courtney. – When I was rid of him, I felt like it becomes easier. I feel freer”.

Her first year of life in the trailer gave more than just clearing the living space. She fell in love with the families who come to the infinite vacation, in your fancy camping Park, the simplicity of this minimalist lifestyle.

Thirteen months after she moved into the caravan, she bought it. In the first trailer, where she lived, Courtney, had white cabinets, carpeted floors and leather furniture. Armstrong quickly found out that this is one of the standard interior design of these houses. Then she had the idea to redo everything.

In July 2015 she repaired the first trailer, sedan Sedona 2006.

“It changed the rules of the game, she says. – This place became my place of safety. The trailer was the first area where I chose a style of life.”

Finally, Armstrong could relieve your heavy emotional baggage. She transferred ownership of the radio station his father and sold the festival. And could now choose something new. Courtney chose the trailers.

“Once a man, whose life had suddenly changed, had to move in just three days. He needed ready “yesterday” trailer,” says Courtney. And she got down to business. Then the girl had to put a lot of effort to make a profit. She was on the hook of his new business.

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Бездомна жінка зробила хороший бізнес на реконструкції трейлерів, тепер її знає пів Америки

Armstrong received a license to resell. All she bought, remodeled and sold 28 trailers. She also lived in a trailer, traveled and worked full time for over four years. Courtney took a huge workshop which is growing day by day. Now the woman owns six trailers.

She works on a project for about a year, and in winter two or three months travels. Courtney watched the sunrise on the first day of the new year in Arizona and is often found with friends all over the country. Armstrong spent a lot of time and effort learning good offers, seasonal features of business and industry in this area.

Many people think that “recycling” Courtney involve mostly major renovations, but her favorites are really those trailers where it almost changes nothing. She calls it the word “light”, to add a few details to offer for sale the “sparkle” of interest to the buyer.

Armstrong was not going to build a successful business recycling trailers, but suddenly became a sought-after professional who is looking for consumers. She keeps Flipping The Nomad website to help other people to make changes in the interiors of their trailers and to inspire people to use life’s “bottom” for gaining emotional and financial freedom.

Courtney loves her comfortable life and a flexible schedule, and often recalls how it all began.

“If I had not gone through this terrible dark time, I wouldn’t be able to find my passion and love in this life,” says Courtney.

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