A hike in the Park ended in tragedy: “parasite-killer eats brain”, the number of victims grows

Поход в аквапарк закончился трагедией: "паразит-убийца поедает мозг", число жертв растет

The popular water Park man has contracted a rare parasite eating human brain

July 12, 59-year-old American Eddie gray, along with his friends visited the Fantasy Lake water Park in North Carolina. A week later he died. It is established that the death was caused due to amoeba Naegleria Fowler, which through the nose into the body men, penetrated into the brain and ate it.

But researchers note that the parasite is not dangerous if it gets into the body through the mouth and not through nose. As told by the interim Director of the Department of health Cumberland County Dwayne holder, of particular danger are diving, jumping from a great height and sharp dives into the water.

Поход в аквапарк закончился трагедией: "паразит-убийца поедает мозг", число жертв растет

“I suggest to perform these steps with the clips and plugs for the nose or closed nose with the hands,” — said the expert.

In 1962 in the United States was only 145 known deaths from the amoeba Naegleria Fowler.

Поход в аквапарк закончился трагедией: "паразит-убийца поедает мозг", число жертв растет

Earlier it was reported that in the area of the White Church about flooded quarry drowned the priest with his daughter. The incident occurred in the village Scherbaky. The bodies were discovered, the eldest son drowned. At the time of death the man was 58 years old and his daughter is four years.

Together with his wife and two children, the priest went to the car to flooded career to take home the eldest son, who was on vacation there with friends. At a time when all Packed up, the man took the youngest daughter and went for a walk. After some time, when dad and the baby did not return, the eldest son went in search of relatives.

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The boy found his father and younger sister had no signs of life and began to call for help. Resting nearby the people called an ambulance and pulled the man with her daughter from the water. Unfortunately, to rescue them could not even arrived physicians they verified death both.

Recall, a fatal tragedy occurred in the Ukrainian resort, vacationers do not have time to escape.

As reported Politeka, fun boat ride ended in tragedy in Kiev, gathered rescuers what happened.

Also Politeka wrote that the nightmare is over rest in the water Park for the family.