A hell of a fever attacked the country: seven dead, “will be worse”

Адская жара атаковала страну: уже семь погибших, "будет еще хуже"

At least seven people were killed and more than 7 million hospitalized with heat strokes in the past week

This was announced by the Main fire control Japan, which performs the functions of the Ministry of emergency situations and ambulance.

In seven days across Japan with heat stroke were hospitalized a total of 7 338. Japan continues to suffer from the exhausting heat that has been established throughout the country. In some regions the temperature can reach above 35 degrees Celsius, because of what people fear, it would be even worse.

Адская жара атаковала страну: уже семь погибших, "будет еще хуже"

The majority of victims and victims — the elderly who often are not included in the house air conditioning to save. The authorities are encouraging people to wear hats, drink more fluids and stay a long time in the sun.

As reported, the weather in Ukraine in the coming days will determine the anticyclone of the Azores, therefore, will be dominated by dry and Sunny weather.

While in the Western regions, there are periodic thunderstorms.

Ukraine returned the heat.

On Tuesday in the South, in the East and in the most Central regions are expected to + 28 + 33 degrees.

In the North and the West of Ukraine provides + 25 + 30 degrees.

In the future, the heat will intensify in the Eastern regions, in Central and southern places probably + 35 + 37 degrees.

August 22 will be fresh in the West, 23 August the heat will weaken and in the Northern part of Ukraine.

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Weather in Kiev on 20 August will be dry, Sunny and hot, with maximum temperatures around 30 degrees.

Адская жара атаковала страну: уже семь погибших, "будет еще хуже"

In addition, the forecaster issued a preliminary forecast for Independence Day in Kiev. Thus, it is expected that on 24 August will be dry weather with gusty (but not stormy) the North-East wind. Projected temperature comfortable, about +26, +27 degrees.

We will remind, scientists have sounded the alarm because of a new disaster: “we were shocked”.

As reported Politeka, scientists caught a shark-the age of Shakespeare: the oldest on the planet, photos of a giant.

Also Politeka wrote about a unique object found in space: “the size of the Sun”, disclosed details.