A heat wave is attacking Ukraine: temperatures will soar to +35, but that’s not all

Аномальная жара атакует Украину: температура взлетит до +35, но это еще не все

August 13, in Ukraine, next week it is expected strong heat

This was reported in Facebook the national forecaster Natalka Didenko.

The temperature in most areas will reach 30 + 35 degrees.

In the Eastern regions is expected+ 26 + 32 ° C, Volyn, Rivne, Lviv air will be fresher + 24 + 28 degrees.

Thunderstorms will be on Tuesday in the zone of atmospheric front in the West, in the evening in the North of Ukraine, and also in Vinnytsia oblast.

Temperature contrasts are significant, the heat will gain momentum, so in some areas the rains can move in heavy rains, and even be accompanied by a squall.

Аномальная жара атакует Украину: температура взлетит до +35, но это еще не все
The rest of the territory of Ukraine — South-East, a large part of the Center will be dry and Sunny. Under these conditions will increase fire danger.

In Kiev August 13, Tuesday, is expected to warm weather. The temperature during the day + 31 + 34 degrees. Rain with thunderstorm is possible in the capital in the afternoon, or rather evening.

On Maccabeus, on Wednesday, the heat in Ukraine will still continue. However, already in Western areas will commence a significant lowering of the temperature, the 14th of August, in the West it is assumed + 18 and + 24 degrees.

In the future, the cold gradually spread throughout Ukraine.
Longer East, South and Central region, towards the East where the heat will weaken only at the end of the week, Saturday-Sunday.

Note also that in Kiev from August 12-18, is expected to high day temperature, but without rains will not work. Reported by the Ukrainian hydrometeorological center.

Аномальная жара атакует Украину: температура взлетит до +35, но это еще не все

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The article States that is completely without precipitation will be only on Monday, August 12. Starting Tuesday, the rains and thunderstorms almost every day. In addition, 14 Aug promise precipitation throughout the day.

On 13 August the temperature will be 33 degrees.

At night, however, the air warm up significantly and the maximum of the last week not surpass — the same 15-16 degrees Celsius, and on Thursday, August 15, the temperature does drop to 11 degrees.

We will remind, the fire disaster has befallen Russia.

As reported Politeka, powerful catastrophe gripped the Ukrainian land.

Also Politeka wrote chtoo fixed crash snimiti the entire UEL.