A hard punch is waiting for the Ukrainian drivers, gasoline prices will soar: “Russia stopped…”

Жесткий удар ждет украинских водителей, цены на бензин взлетят: "Россия прекратила..."

In September in Ukraine the cost of gasoline, diesel fuel and LPG is almost unchanged compared with August

However, in October prices may skyrocket, experts predict, writes autonews.

The cost of fuel in our country depends mainly on three factors. First the price of petroleum products at the border. The second excise duty. Third — the hryvnia.

The increase in the cost of diesel fuel is affected by the fact that its supply to Ukraine is now less than before. Russia has virtually stopped the supply. Belarus does it with a noticeable interruption. There is only the sea journey, but the port of Odessa can not cope with the increasing number of tankers.

Жесткий удар ждет украинских водителей, цены на бензин взлетят: "Россия прекратила..."

The rising cost of gasoline in Ukraine may occur due to its price increase at the border, although its supply is no problem.

The strengthening of the hryvnia would lead to reducing the cost of fuel, but due to the rising prices at the border (and we import most of petroleum products) the price tags on stelae remained at the same level, which was formed in mid-September.

“If not for domestic problems, prices may be dropped to stimulate demand. But supply problems remain and traders as they lay risk in the price. So we see slow growth, which is likely to continue in October,” — said the analyst Gennady Ryabtsev.

Жесткий удар ждет украинских водителей, цены на бензин взлетят: "Россия прекратила..."

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As you know, recently the head of state called on the owners of illegal petrol station to close for several days. He announced a large-scale testing of the shadow stations at the meeting with students of Ostroh Academy in Rivne.

“In the Rivne region has a lot of, shall we say, “shady” gas stations, illegal. I want to convey such a signal: please stop doing that in the coming days. Because of this, we will closely monitor and correctly expressed in the walls of the University, without swear words, “to restrict you in your free days in Ukraine”, — he said.

Recall that gasoline prices will soar.

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Even politeka reported, illegal filling station close EN masse.