A guy, a girl : recalée at the first casting, Alexandra Lamy reveals how she finally had the role – Here

Did you know : Alexandra Lamy had not been accepted at her first audition for the series A guy, a girl. The actress reveals now that she has done to change the game.

A guy, a girl , Alexandra Lamy in the casting, that’s one thing that we seem impossible today… In 2013, while Nikos Aliagas asked him about the impact that it had had the short program on her career as an actress, the ex-darling of Jean Dujardin admitted that there was not that positive. “I have no bitterness or jealousy, but for a long time, after A guy, a girl, it was a little hard, because obviously, we put you in a box, she said. Therefore, the directors did not want to meet with me to other registers. It is very difficult. And it is very French, this need to put people in boxes [ … ], We told me She is too comical. This is very derogatory… ” a Few regrets then that – but she wanted this role, Darling !

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In the columns of It, in the occasion of the release today of his latest film, Alexandra Lamy revealed that at the start, nothing was gained for it A guy, a girl. Quite the contrary ! “In general, I have a good instinct,” says the mom of Chloe Jouannet. For example, for the first casting of A guy, a girl, where I had not been chosen, I decided to return the next day. Normally, it never returns to a cast that was missed, but this time, I had the feeling that I needed to go there. And I have succeeded ! “And fortunately !

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