A group of tourists trapped, many injured: everywhere the cries and panic, video from witnesses

Группа туристов попала в ловушку, много пострадавших: всюду крики и паника, видео от очевидцев

Nineteen people were injured during a state of emergency in Azerbaijan

In Shaki city in Azerbaijan nineteen people were injured by falling branches 500-year-old tree, growing near the Palace of Shaki khans. Among the injured were two Russians, according to RIA Novosti.

Группа туристов попала в ловушку, много пострадавших: всюду крики и паника, видео от очевидцев

The press service of the Ministry of health of Azerbaijan says that the state of Russian tourists is estimated as stable.

Just from falling branches 500-year-old wood injured 19 people, four of them are in serious condition. In Misgave clarify that if needed they would be sent to Baku.

Branch of the ancient tree of Chinar (sycamore) fell due to strong wind and touched by tourists walking on the territory of the historical monument. Two victims had to be hospitalized in local hospital.

At the scene arrived employees of the Prosecutor General, the Ministry of environment, MOE and the Ministry of culture. President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev promised to take the situation under personal control.

Recall that the Palace of the Sheki khans is one of the most valuable monuments of Azerbaijan of the XVIII century, which was built in 1761-1762 year as a summer residence of Hussein-Khan Mushtad.

The historical part of the city of Sheki Palace itself is included in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

Группа туристов попала в ловушку, много пострадавших: всюду крики и паника, видео от очевидцев

We will remind, state of emergency on the water is amazing in its scope.

Off the coast of Tunisia happened irreparable – dozens of people were buried alive in the water.

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The incident was trumpeted by the international media:

“Near Tunisia capsized boat with illegal migrants.”

Off the coast of Tunisia capsized boat with illegal migrants. Reported 80 victims:

“As of Friday night, July 12, was pulled from the water 80 of the 82 dead bodies,” — said on Saturday Mosaіque FM radio stations representative of the coast guard of Tunisia Mongi slim.

It is known that an inflatable boat with illegal migrants set sail from the coast of Libya still the third of July:

“Immediately after the incident was able to survive only five people. One of the survivors later died in the hospital, he was a native of côte d’ivoire”.

The bodies of two people looking for a rescue.

We will remind, the bus with tourists was blown up in Egypt, everywhere the shrapnel and blood: scenes of the tragedy

As reported Politeka, cars with military crashed in an accident.

Also Politeka wrote that the new Zaitseva blew a stop in Kiev: people scattered like bowling pins.