A great sorrow has happened in the family of singer Toni Braxton: “God sent another angel?”

Большое горе случилось в семье певицы Тони Брэкстон: «Бог послал еще одного ангела»

In the family of the famous American singer Toni Braxton has occurred irreparable grief

It is reported by the SDE.

So, the representative of the 51-year-old actress, Maureen O’connor confirmed that the woman was gone on Monday, April 29.

Большое горе случилось в семье певицы Тони Брэкстон: «Бог послал еще одного ангела»

“We ask you to respect the privacy of the family, when we experience the loss of a loved one. Rest in peace, dear Lauren “Lolo” Braxton”, — he said.

Later this news was confirmed by the singer’s sister Tina.

“God sent me another angel! Rest in peace in heaven Lauren “Lolo” Braxton”, she said.

At the same time, according to the police report, the dead singer announced the medics who arrived at the emergency. Ambulance called for her friend, who saw Braxton fainted in the kitchen.

As you know, the girl suffered from heart disease.

As previously reported, the doctors were unable to save the life of an elderly artist, who became ill in the capital of a Large theater. Famous Russian actress Maria Poroshina heartbroken. It became known about the death of her mother — Natalia Krasnoyarsk. Star of the Bolshoi theater passed away on may 1 at the age of 70 years. This is reported by Russian media.

In March Natalia Krasnoyarsk became ill. She was urgently hospitalized straight from work. About a month the actress was trying to save in one of clinics of Moscow. But the doctors were powerless before the disease, which the family refused to disclose.

Natalia Krasnoyarsk was the last student of the legendary Opera Director Boris Pokrovsky. After graduating from the Institute, the future star got a job in a Big theater, which he served until the last days. Director of mimic ensemble of the Bolshoi theatre Ekaterina Mironov praised his late colleague:

“It was the pinnacle of our expression of the ensemble, which is now just remained virtually decapitated. This is the man that any second, any moment of life did not miss. It is no holiday, vacation. For us it was a model of femininity and beauty.”

Большое горе случилось в семье певицы Тони Брэкстон: «Бог послал еще одного ангела»

Recall that the famous Russian actress was stunned by the confession: “I Have found new cancer.”

As reported Politeka, died a famous actress loved by the entire country: tens of years in a movie.

Politeka also wrote that the famous Russian actress said about the mysterious death of her son: “he Lived three days.”