A great purge is coming in the Cabinet, Zelensky have announced the creation of a new Ministry: what will happen to the Ukrainians

Большая чистка грядет в Кабмине, у Зеленского заявили о создании нового министерства: что ждет украинцев

The expert expressed his opinion about the upcoming purge of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers

The President’s team intends to liquidate the Ministry, the quality of which is questionable. This opinion was voiced by political analyst Alexei Yakubina, according to the ГолосUA.

In this regard, are increasingly starting to sound the idea of establishing in Ukraine “a great humanitarian Ministry,” which is based on the desire of the President’s team to eliminate government agencies, the quality of which is questionable:

“If we talk about the creation of a large humanitarian Ministry, I realize that the idea is to merge several ministries that are offensive, causing a lot of issues, for example, the Ministry of information policy, Ministry of culture, Ministry of youth and sport in order to combine them in a large humanitarian Ministry, which will deal with these issues. And some people will be dismissed simply as a result of reorganization.”

According to the expert of the essence of one of the ideas is to “reduce the proportion of people in these ministries”:

“During the reorganization legally is easier than to dismiss part of the staff of the ministries”, — said Alexei Yakubina.

Большая чистка грядет в Кабмине, у Зеленского заявили о создании нового министерства: что ждет украинцев

Probable and opinions on the advisability of combining tasks of different ministries into a single unit in the team Zelensky:

“The President’s team believes it is appropriate to combine the tasks of different ministries into a single unit, so as not to split the functions, but rather at the forefront to set goals and guide their implementation of the team of specialists. Then it is clear that it’s not in the ministries, and whether it is possible to solve these tasks”, — said the expert.

He added:

“I also think it has to do with the General idea of reducing the number of ministries in Ukraine. Moreover, danyluk voiced the idea that they want to enlarge the blocks for the functions. That is not the problematic part, and the objects dealt with by the Ministry, in functionality. That is, you want them to “bind” more functions”, — concluded the analyst.

Recall also, Vladimir Zelensky has responded to a petition about the dismissal of Andrei Bogdan to the post of head of the presidential Administration.

The President responded to the second petition asking for the resignation of Bogdan:

“Already dismissed”, — said in the message.


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Большая чистка грядет в Кабмине, у Зеленского заявили о создании нового министерства: что ждет украинцев

So the message refers to the fact that all this is not news, because the administration of the President disbanded long before the petition reaches 25 000 votes:

“Expecting a similar petition with the word “Office” instead of the word “Administration”. Formalism – formalism so!”.

Also noted:

“Regarding the petition raised the issue noted that the decree of the President of Ukraine of June 25, 2019 No. 434-A. Bogdan dismissed from the post of head of the presidential administration of Ukraine, said Zelensky 25 000 citizens who signed the petition”.

We will remind, it not the first “resignation” Bogdan – we wrote about it. On 1 August and on other sites showed a photo of the official statement, the text of which was reminiscent of the joke:

“I ask to dismiss me from his post at own will since the desire.”

Recall, the court decided the fate Parubiy, the speaker will have a hard time.

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